58.6 lib.b.ZZ1

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Bartolozzi and his works by Andrew W. Tuer: a biographical and descriptive account of The Life and Career of Francesco Bartolozzi, R.A. (Illustrated) with some observations on The present Demand for and Value of his Prints; the way to detect Modern Impressions from Worn-out Plates and to recognise Falsely-tinted Impressions; Deceptions attempted with Prints; Print Collecting, Judging, Handling, &c.; together with a List of upwards of 2,000 - the most extensive record yet compiled - of the Great Engraver‘s Works. Vol. I [- II]. Andrew W. Tuer London; London; New York Field & Tuer; Hamilton, Adams & Co.; Scribner & Welford 1881 Royoung, bill?, price 2 v. lib.b.ZZ1/20; 43016

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