Pope Paul III, acquainted with the Cervini family from his childhood, was apparently impressed with Marcello after his first stay in Rome in 1524. […] Paul must have been impressed with Cervini's ability to explain the error in the flood prediction of 1524. In addition, the new Farnese pope had, while still a cardinal, already favored Marcello by taking him into his household for a year, from 1531 to 1532. This time, as pope, he not only took him in but immediately offered him a job. Paul had promoted his two young grandsons Alessandro Farnese and Guido Ascanio Sforza to the cardinalate in 1534, and he put Cervini in charge of the education of Alessandro. In this office, Cervini replaced the famous educator from 

[S. 27]

Udine, Romolo Amaseo (1489–1552), who returned to tutor Alessandro when Cervini was too busy with other duties in 1544.