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Márquez 1803
Dell'ordine dorico / ricerche da D. Pietro Marquez Messicano ; con appendice sopra un'antica tav. di Pozzuolo. - Roma : Salomoni, 1803. [004368053]
Márquez 1796
Delle ville di Plinio il Giovane / opera di D. Pietro Marquez Messicano ; con un'appendice su gli atrj della S. Scrittura, e gli scamilli impari di Vitruvio. - Roma : presso il Salomoni, 1796. [004368055]
Márquez 1795
Delle case di citta degli antichi Romani secondo la dottrina di Vitruvio / esposta da D. Pietro Marquez Messicano. - Roma : presso il Salomoni, 1795. [004368054]
Basire 1794
Rudiments of ancient architecture, containing an historical account of the five orders, with their proportions, and examples of each from antiques : also extracts from Vitruvius, Pliny, &c. relative to the buildings of the ancients : calculated for the use of those who wish to attain a summary knowledge of the science of achitecture : with a dictionary of terms. - The second edition, much enlarged - London : printed for I. and J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, Holborn, 1794. [004365507]
Maillier 1780
L'architecture, poëme, en trois chants / par M. Maillier, architecte. - A Paris : chez l'auteur, ..., 1780. [006552319]
Rodriguez 1775
Discurso sobre la educacion popular de los artesanos y su fomento / [Pedro Rodríguez Campomanes]. - En Madrid : en la imprenta de D. Antonio de Sancha, año de 1775. [006550399]
Goeree 1756
Anweisung zu der Mahler-Kunst : worinnen nebst derselben Fürtrefflichkeit und Nutzen gezeiget wird, was einer zum gründlichen Verstand der Mahler-Kunst wissen, und wie er sich durch Uebung darinnen perfectioniren soll : nebst einem gründlichen Unterricht von der Reiss- und Zeichen- wie auch Illuminir-Kunst, oder dem rechten Gebrauch der Wasser-Farben / [Willem Goeree]. - Neue und verbesserte Auflage - Leipzig : in Lanckischens Handlung, 1756. [006552160]
Duhamel du Monceau 1753
Traité de la culture des terres / par M. Duhamel du Monceau, .... - Nouvelle edition corrigée & augmentée - An Paris : chez Hippolyte-Louis Guerin, & Louis-François Delatour, ..., 1753-1761. [004366649]
Wood / Fourdrinier 1750
A dissertation upon the orders of columns, and their appendages : the whole constituting the orders of architecture : interspersed with a brief account of the various kinds of intercolumnation observed by the antients / and illustrated with proper draughts from three and twenty copper plates engraved by Mr. Paul Fourdrinier ; compiled for the use of artificers in the building trades, by John Wood, architect. - London : printed by James Bettenham ... ; and sold by J. Leake at Bath, in the year 1750. [004370270]
Wood 1749
An essay towards a description of Bath, in four parts : wherein the antiquity of the city, ...; and its open areas of a superiour kind are respectively treated of : the gods, places of worship, religion and learning of the antient Britons occasionally considered : and the limits of the city in its present state; its divisions, sub-divisions, laws, governement, customs, trade and amusements severally pointed out : illustrated with the figure of king Bladud, ...; together with proper plans and elevations from two and twenty copper plates / by John Wood, architect. - The second edition corrected and enlarged - London : printed by James Bettenham ; and sold by C. Hitch ... ; and J. Leake at Bath, in the year 1749. [004370271]
Wood 1747
Choir Gaure, vulgarly called Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain, described, restored, and explained; in a letter to the right honourable Edward late Earl of Oxford, and Earl Mortimer / by John Wood, architect. - Oxford : printed at the theatre ; and sold by C. Hitch ... ; and S. Birt in ... London ; by J. Leake in Bath; and by B. Collins in Salisbury, in the year 1747. [004370272]
Lucchese 1730
Riflessioni sulla pretesa scoperta del sopraornato toscano : espostaci dall'autore dell'opera Degli anfiteatri e singolarmente del veronese / fatte da Matteo Lucchese architetto veneziano. - Venezia : presso Stefano Monti, 1730. [004367916]
Leutmann 1724
Trifolium utile, Drey sonderbare fast unentbehrliche Nothwendigkeiten in einer Stadt : 1. Wie die gemeine Uhr recht gehen : 2. Eine nutzbare Feuer-Spritze bereitet : 3. Eine dauerhaffte Pumpe in Brunnen angeordnet werden könne : allen in Städten und Dörffern höchst-nöthig zu wissen und zu gebrauchen angewiesen / von M. Joh. Georg Leutmann Past. in Dabrun. - Wittenberg : bey Gottfried Zimmermanns sel. Witwe, 1724. [006551677]
Le Clerc / Sturt 1723
A treatise of architecture, with remarks and observations / by that excellent master thereof Sebastian Le Clerc ... ; for young people who would apply to that noble art ; engraven in two hundred copper plates by John Sturt ; translated by Mr. Chambers. - London : sold by Mr. Bateman and Mr. Taylor ... ; Will and John Innys ... ; Mr. Osbourn ... ; Mr. Senex ... ; Mr. Sam. Tooke & Mr. Ben. Motte ... booksellers ; and John Sturt engraver ..., [1723-]1724. [004367720]