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Titel   LinkThe mirror of architecture: or, The ground-rules of the art of building / exactly laid down by Vincent Scamozzi master builder of Venice. Reviewed and inlarged with the addition of a diagonal scale, being very useful for dividing the author his given parts into minutes, whereby the principal points of architecture are easily and plainly demonstrated for the benefit of all lovers and ingenious practitioners in the said art. By Joachim Schuym of Amsterdam. Translated out of Dutch by W.F. Hereunto is added the description and use of an ordinary joynt-rule fitted with lines for the ready finding the lengths and angles of rafters, and hips and collarbeams in any square or bevelling roof at any pitch, and the ready drawing the architrave, frize, and cornice in any order. With other useful conclusions by the said rule. By John Browne
Ausgabe   The fourth edition, with addition of stair-cases and chimney pieces
Impressum   LinkLondon : printed for Nath. Rolls, ..., 1693
Umfang   [5] Bl., 23 S., 40, [1] Bl.; (22 S.; [1] gef. Bl., 29 S.; 22 S., [9] z.T. gef. Bl.) : Ill. ; 20 cm (4°)
Originaltitel   L’Idea dell’architettura universale
Titelvariante   LinkKupfertitel: The book of architecture
Teil des Titels   LinkThe ground-rules of the art of building
Notiz   Auch Kupfertitel (Frontispiz) mit Porträt des Verfassers vorhanden: "The book of architecture / by Vincent Scamozzi m.r builder of Venice". Erscheinungsvermerk: "London : printed for W.m Fisher"
  41 Kupferstiche (und 10 weitere Taf. in den beiden enthaltenen Werken), Initialen
  Initialen des Übers. "W.F." [i.e. William Fisher], vgl. IDS Basel BERN, Copac
  Enth. auch: The description and use of an ordinary joint-rule fitted with lines ... / by John Brown
  Enth. asserdem: The ground-rules of the architecture ... / by ... Sir Henry Wotton ...
Inhalt:   The description and use of an ordinary joynt-rule fitted with lines ... ; The ground-rules of the architecture
Anm. zum Expl.   Brauner gesprenkelter Lederband der Zeit, Rücken und Deckel goldgeprägt
  Besitzvermerk von Joseph Oldroyd auf vorderem und hinterem Spiegel (datiert 1892), weiterer Eintrag auf der Rückseite des Frontispiz
  Lose Beilage: Ausschnitt aus Antiquariatskatalog, Notizzettel mit Kollationsvermerk
  Zusammengebunden mit: The description and use of an ordinary joint-rule fitted with lines ... / by John Brown. - London, 1686 und mit: The ground-rules of the architecture : collected from the best authors and examples / by ... Sir Henry Wotton ... - London, 1686
Gesamtbestand   Alle Exemplare
Bibliothek   BIB-OECHSLIN (Einsiedeln) |  A07b ; K10bLibrary Info
Autor/-in   LinkScamozzi, Vincenzo, Architekt, ca. 1552-1616. ger
  LinkSchuym, Joachim, 17. Jht.. ger
  LinkWotton, Henry, Diplomat, Dichter, Grossbritannien, Italien, 1568 - 1639. ger
  LinkBrown, John (Brown, John (philomath)) , 1667 - 1688. ger
Autor/-in   LinkFisher, William
Druckort   LinkLondon
Druckerei/Drucker   LinkRolls (Offizin, London)
Systemnr.   006203468