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66.9.1 307

A description of the antiquities and other curiosities of Rome by Edward Burton Oxford Parker 1821 581 S. C14ua

66.9.2 308

Remarks on antiquities, arts, and letters during an excursion in Italy in the years 1802 and 1803 by Joseph Forsyth 3rd ed., in two volumes London Murray 1824 Vol. 2 (306 S.) C14ua

66.9.3 309

The ancient and present state of the University of Oxford containing I. An account of its antiquity... , II. An account of its colleges, halls and publick buildings .... ; III. An account of the Laws, statues and privileges of the university ... : with an appendix and index to the whole by John Ayliffe [A reissue of the 1714 edition, with cancel titlepages] London printed for W. Mears ... and J. Hooke 1723 2 vols. (518 S., 334 S.) C14ua

66.9.4 310

The works of Alexander Pope in nine volumes, complet with his last corrections, additions and improvements ... : together with the commentary and notes of Mr. Warburton London printed for J. and P. Knapton ... 1753 9 vols. Ill. "Eintragung: ""Haec Alexandri Popii opera D. Warburtonus ex Anglia mihi dono misit 15. Julii 1755"" C14ua