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66.15.1 507

Bishop Burnet's history of his own time [Burnet, Gilbert] London printed for Thomas Ward 1724-1734 2 vols. (836 S., 765 S.) Titel Vol. 1: From the restauration of King Charles II. to the settlement of King William and Queen Mary at the Revolution ... ; Titel Vol. 2: From the Revolution to the conclusion of the treaty of peace at Utrecht, in the reign of Queen Anne ... . - Besitzvermerk: Cotton Library, by Burnett C14ug

66.15.2 508

Poems on several occasions [Prior, Matthew] London printed for Jacob Tonson, and John Barber 1718 506 S. Ill. C14ug

66.15.3 509

A system of chronology containing, 1. An explanation of the principles of this science; ... 2. A chronological history, ... 3. A lift of several eclipses before the Christian aera, observed by astronomers, ... 4. A chronological list of councils, ... by James Playfair Edinburgh printed for William Creech 1784 419 S., Taf. Ill. Provenienz: Univ. Library St. Andrews C14ug