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122.6.1 3414

The Metaphysica of Avicenna (ibn Sina): A critical translation-commentary and analysis of the fundamental arguments in Avicenna‘s Metaphysica in the Danish Nama-i ala‘i (The Book of Scientific Knowledge). Avicenna; Parviz (ed.) Morewedge New York Columbia University Press 1973 Persian Heritage Series No.13 Script! x.A5/01; 7173

122.6.2 3415

The Middle Platonists 80 B.C. to A.D. 220. John Dillon Ithaca, New York Cornell University Press 1977 x.A5/02; 7174

122.6.3 3416

Rabelaisian dialectic and the platonic-hermetic tradition. G. Mallary Masters Albany, New York State University of New York Press 1969 x.A5/03; 7175

122.6.4 3417

An essay on the origin of human knowledge (1756) Being a Supplement to Mr. Locke‘s Essay on the human understanding by Etienne Bonnot de Condillac. A facsimile reproduction of the translation of Thomas Nugent with an introduction by Robert G. Weyant. Etienne Bonnot de Condillac; Thomas (trans.) Nugent; Robert G. (intr.) Weyant Gainesville, Florida Scholars‘ facsimiles and reprints 1971 x.A5/04; 7176

122.6.5 3418

Athens Grösse und Falle. Dritte, erweiterte Auflage. Thukydides; Walther (ed.) Sontheimer Stuttgart Ernst Klett Verlag s.d. x.A5/05; 7177

122.6.6 3419

Medea edidit Eduardus Tièche. Euripides; Edouard (ed.) Tièche Basel Helbing & Lichtenhahn 1944 Editiones Helveticae series graeca 5. x.A5/06; 7178

122.6.7 3420

Platon edidit Olaus Gigon. 2. Auflage. Platon; Olaus (ed.) Gigon Bern A. Francke AG 1959 Editiones Helveticae series graeca 2. x.A5/07; 7179

122.6.8 3421

Aristotelis Organon graece. Edidit Theodorus Waitz, ... Pars posterior. Analytica posteriora, Topica. Aristotle; Theodor (ed.) Waitz Dubuque, Iowa Wm. C. Brown Reprint Library s.d. Reprint of: Lipsiae: sumtibus Hahnianis, 1846. 1 v. of ?? x.A5/08(2); 7180.2

122.6.9 3422

"Mélusine. Cahiers du Centre de recherches sur le surréalisme. II: Occulte-Occultation. Etudes et documents réunis par Henri Behar." Lausanne L‘Age d‘Homme 1981 x.A5/09(1); 7181.1

122.6.10 3423

Blast-power & ballistics: Concepts of Force and Energy in the Ancient World. Jack Lindsay New York Barnes & Noble 1974 x.A5/10; 7182

122.6.11 3424

Philosophical problems of space and time. Second, enlarged edition. Adolf Grünbaum Dordrecht & Boston D.Reidel publishing company 1973 Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science Volume XII (Synthese Library Volume 55) x.A5/11; 7183

122.6.12 3425

Histoire de la philosophie scholastique par B. Hauréau. Première [- seconde] partie ... B. Hauréau New York Burt Franklin s.d. [1966] Burt Franklin: Research and Source Works Series: No.115 3 v. x.A5/12; 7184

122.6.13 3426

A social and religious history of the Jews by Salo Wittmayer Baron. Second edition, revised and enlarged. High Middle Ages, 500-1200: Volumes III-VIII. Volume IV. Meeting of East and West. Salo Wittmayer Baron New York & London; Philadelphia Columbia Univesity Press; The Jewish Publication Society of America 1957 x.A5/13(4); 7185.4

122.6.14 3427

The De Arte poetica of Marco Girolamo Vida. Translated with commentary, & with the text of c. 1517 edited, by Ralph G. Williams. Marco Girolamo Vida; Ralph G. (trans. & ed.) Williams New York Columbia University Press 1976 x.A5/14; 7186

122.6.15 3428

A study in the philosophy of Malebranche. Ralph Withington Church Port Washington, N.Y. & London Kennikat Press 1970 Reissue of 1931 edition. x.A5/15; 7187

122.6.16 3429

Iconologie. J.B. Boudard New York & London Garland Publishing, Inc. 1976 The Renaissance and the Gods. Reprint of Vienna: J.T. de Trattnern, 1766 x.A5/16; 7188

122.6.17 3430

Beschriebendes Verzeichniss der Werke älterer Meister in der Grossherzoglichen Gemälde-Gallerie zu Schwerin. Von Dr. Friedrich Schlie, ... Friedrich Schlie Schwerin Druck der Bärensprungschen Hofbuchdruckerei 1882 x.A5/17; 7189