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19.3.1 19096

"Drawing toward building: Philadelphia architectural graphics 1732-1986. Ausstellung: Pennsylvania Academy, 9.10.1986-4.1.1987." James F. O‘Gorman; Jeffrey A. Cohen; George E. Thomas; G. Holmes Perkins Philadelphia Pennsylvania Academy 1986 cave.A3/01; 31011

19.3.2 19097

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Guggenheim correspondence. Selected and with commentary by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer. Frank Lloyd Wright; Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer Fresno, CA The Press at California State University 1986 cave.A3/02; 31012

19.3.3 19098

The natural house. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Horizon Press 1954 cave.A3/03; 31013

19.3.4 19099

"California counterpoint: New West Coast architecture 1982. Published by The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, Catalogue 18." New York; New York Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies; Rizzoli 1982 cave.A3/04; 31014

19.3.5 19100

H.H. Richardson: architectural forms for an American society. James F. O‘Gorman Chicago & London University of Chicago Press 1987 cave.A3/05; 31015

19.3.6 19101

Paul Philippe Cret: architect and teacher. Edited, with introductory text, by Theo B. White. Foreword by John F. Harbeson. Paul Philippe Cret; Theo B. White; John F. Harbeson Philadelphia The Art Alliance Press 1973 cave.A3/06; 31016

19.3.7 19102

Photogravure views of the Mass. Institute of Technology. Published by Henry Lewis Johnson. Henry Lewis Johnson Boston Boston Photogravure Co. 1889 cave.A3/07; 31017

19.3.8 11920

H.H. Richardson: Complete Architectural Works. Jeffrey Karl Ochsner Cambridge (Mass.) & London MIT Press 1984, © 1982 cave.A3/08; 17859

19.3.9 11921

The valiant hero: Benjamin West and grand-style history painting. Ann Uhry Abrams Washington Smithsonian 1985 New directions in American art, v.1 cave.A3/09; 17860

19.3.10 11922

Women in American architecture: a historic and contemporary perspective; edited by Susana Torre. Susana Torre New York Watson-Guptill (Whitney Library of Design) 1977 cave.A3/10; 17861

19.3.11 19103

"Wallace Neff 1895-1982: The romance of regional architecture. Ausstellung: Huntington Library, San Marino, California, 1989." San Marino Huntington Library 1989 cave.A3/11; 31018

19.3.12 19104

"Art + architecture + landscape. The Clos Pegase Design Competition. Ausstellung: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 6.6. - 25.8.1985." San Francisco San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 1985 cave.A3/12; 31019

19.3.13 19105

The beaux-arts tradition in French architecture, illustrated by the Grands Prix de Rome. Edited for publication by David Van Zanten; with a tribute by Robert Venturi. Donald Drew Egbert; David Van Zanten; Robert Venturi Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press 1980 cave.A3/13; 31020

19.3.14 19106

The Inland Architect: Chicago‘s major architectural journal, 1883-1908 by Robert Prestiano. Robert Prestiano Ann Arbor, Michigan UMI Research Press 1985, © 1973 Architecture and urban design 9 cave.A3/14; 31021

19.3.15 19107

The builders of the bridge: the story of John Roebling and his son; by D.B. Steinman. D.B. Steinman New York Harcourt, Brace and Company 1945 cave.A3/15; 31022

19.3.16 19108

Alfred C. Bossom‘s American architecture 1903-1926; with contributions from Peter Wylde and Martha Caldwell. Dennis Sharp; Peter Wylde; Martha Caldwell London Book Art 1984 cave.A3/16; 31023

19.3.17 19109

"Charles B. Wood III Inc. Catalogue 83. Arts/Sciences material culture: books printed in America before 1860." Charles B. Wood III Inc. Cambridge (Mass.) Charles B. Wood III Inc. s.d. cave.A3/17; 31024

19.3.18 19110

"Willaim Lescaze, Architekt: Genf - New York, 1896-1969. Wander-Auzsstellung." Christian Hubert; Lindsay Stamm Shapiro Basel Wiese Verlag 1992 cave.A3/18; 31025

19.3.19 19111

George Howe: toward a modern American architecture. Robert A.M. Stern New Haven & London Yale University Press 1975 cave.A3/19; 31026

19.3.20 19112

Thomas Jefferson among the arts: an essay in early American esthetics by Eleanor Davidson Berman. Eleanor Davidson Berman New York Philosophical Library 1947 cave.A3/20; 31027

19.3.21 19113

"Die Shaker: Leben und Produktion einer Commune in der Pionierzeit Amerikas. Ausstellung: Neue Sammlung, München, 1974." München Neue Sammlung 1974 cave.A3/21; 31028

19.3.22 19114

Shaker architecture: descriptions with photographs and drawings of Shaker buildings at Mount Lebanon, New York, Watervliet, New York, West Pittsfield, Massachusetts. William Lawrence Lassiter New York Bonanza Books 1966 cave.A3/22; 31029

19.3.23 19115

The skyward trend of thought: the metaphysics of the American skyscraper. Thomas A.P. van Leeuwen Cambridge (Mass.) MIT Press 1988 cave.A3/23; 31030

19.3.24 19116

Seven American Utopias: The architecture of communitarian socialism, 1790-1975. Dolores Hayden Cambridge (Mass.) MIT Press 1976 cave.A3/24; 31031

19.3.25 19117

A people among peoples: Quaker benevolence in eighteenth-century America. Sydney V. James Cambridge (Mass.) Harvard University Press 1963 cave.A3/25; 31032

19.3.26 11923

Peter Harrison: first American architect, by Carl Bridenbaugh. Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, Virginia. Carl Bridenbaugh Chapel Hill University of North Carolina Press 1949 cave.A3/26; 17862

19.3.27 19118

Hochelaga depicta; or the history and present state of the island and city of Montreal. Montreal William Greig 1839 cave.A3/27; 31033

19.3.28 19119

The living building: architecture and town planning in American communal societies. Dolores Hayden typescript 1975 cave.A3/28; 31034

19.3.29 11926

Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Talbot Hamlin New York Oxford University Press 1955 cave.A3/29; 17865

19.3.30 19120

Latrobe‘s view of America, 1795-1820: selections from the watercolors and sketches. Edward C. II Carter; John C. Van Horne; Charles E. Brownell; Tina H. Sheller New Haven & London Published for the Maryland Historical Society by Yale University Press 1985 cave.A3/30; 31035

19.3.31 19121

The Virginia Journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe 1795-1798. Volume I [- III]. Benjamin Henry Latrobe; Edward C. II Carter; Angeline Polites New Haven & London Published for the Maryland Historical Society by Yale University Press 1977 3 v. cave.A3/31; 31036

19.3.32 19122

The engineering drawings of Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Edited with an introductory essay by Darwin H. Stapleton. Benjamin Henry Latrobe; Darwin H. Stapleton New Haven & London Published for the Maryland Historical Society by Yale University Press 1980 cave.A3/32; 31037