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57.1 lib.b.Y1

57.1.1 11055

Museum Italicum seu collectio veterum scriptorum ex bibliothecis italicis, Eruta a D. Johanne Mabillon, & D. Michaele Germain presbyteris & monachis Benedictinae Cong. S. Mauri. Tomus I. In duas partes distinctus. Jean Mabillon; Michel Germain Luteciae Parisiorum; Luteciae Parisiorum; Luteciae Parisiorum Apud Viduam Edmundi Martin; Apud Johannem Boudot; Apud Stephanum Martin 1687 2 parts in 1 v. lib.b.Y1/02; 15924

57.1.2 11056

"Das Forum Transitorium: Neues zu Bauplanung und Realisierung. Sonderdruck aus: Antike Welt, 29. Jahrgang 1998, 1." Eugenio La Rocca Mainz Philipp von Zabern 1998 lib.b.Y1/03; 15925

57.1.3 11057

Sir John Soane: the architect as collector 1753-1837. Photographs by Ole Woldbye. Peter Thornton; Helen Dorey; Ole (ill.) Woldbye New York Harry N. Abrams 1992 lib.b.Y1/04; 15926

57.1.4 11058

Sir John Soane: Enlightenment thought and the Royal Academy lectures. David Watkin Cambridge, New York & Melbourne Cambridge University Press 1996 Cambridge Studies in the History of Architecture lib.b.Y1/05; 15927

57.1.5 19968

Eupalinos oder über die Architektur. Eingeleitet durch Die Seele und der Tanz. Übertragen von Rainer Maria Rilke. Paul Valéry; Rainer Maria (trans.) Rilke Leipzig Insel-Verlag 1927 1 v. in slipcase; Antiq. Clément, 140 DM, arrived 7.2.2000; WO paid? lib.b.Y1/06; 42044

57.1.6 11059

Modern painters: their superiority in the art of landscape panting to all the ancient masters proved by examples of The True, the Beautiful, and the Intellectual, from the works of modern artists, especially from those of J.M.W. Turner, Esq., R.A. By a graduate of Oxford. John Ruskin London Smith, Elder and Co. 1843 lib.b.Y1/07; 15928

57.1.7 11060

Catalogues - Strange. London 1769 2 parts in 1 v. lib.b.Y1/08; 15929

57.1.8 1113

Disegni di vari altari e cappelle nelle chiese di Roma con le loro facciate, fianchi, piante e misure de piu celebri architetti. Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi Roma nella stamparia di Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi s.d. [1695? 1713?] lib.b.Y1/09; 1298

57.1.9 562

Dr. Brook Taylor‘s method of perspective made easy; Both in Theory and Practice: In two books. Being An Attempt to make the Art of Perspective easy and familiar; To adapt it entirely tot he Arts of Design; and To make it an Entertaining Study to any Gentleman who shall chuse so polite an Amusement. By Joshua Kirby. Illustrated with many Copper-Plates, Correctly Engraved under the Author‘s Inspection. The third edition, with several Additions and Improvements. Book I [- II, & Plates]. John Joshua Kirby; Brook Taylor London; London; London; London; London; London Printed for the author and sold by T. Payne; T. Longman; J. Wilkie; T. Davies; Brotherton and Sewell; I. Taylor 1768 3 parts in 2 v. lib.b.Y1/11; 663

57.1.10 11061

Aix en Provence: Inventaire et Monographie suivis des relevés de bastides de résidences provençales et de l‘abbaye de Ganagobie. Fernand Pouillon Paris Jardin de Flore 1976 book in sheets in folder in slipcase lib.b.Y1/12; 15930 (2)