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70.2.1 16765

Boston Bohemia 1881-1900. Ralph Adams Cram: life and architecture. Douglass Shand-Tucci Amherst University of Massachusetts Press 1995 lib.c.L2/01; 27037

70.2.2 16766

Chambers for a memory palace. With illustrations by the authors. Donlyn Lyndon; Charles W. Moore Cambridge (Mass.) & London MIT Press 1994 lib.c.L2/02; 27038

70.2.3 16767

Reflections on architectural practices in the nineties. William S. (ed.) Saunders New York Princeton Architectural Press 1996 lib.c.L2/03; 27039

70.2.4 16768

Building the Getty. Richard Meier New York Alfred A. Knopf 1997 lib.c.L2/04; 27040

70.2.5 16769

Architecture of the everyday. Edited by Steven Harris and Deborah Berke. Steven (ed.) Harris; Deborah (ed.) Berke New York Princeton Architectural Press 1997 Yale publications on architecture lib.c.L2/05; 27041

70.2.6 16770

"Louis Kahn and Paul Zucker: two bibliographies. The American Association of Bibliographes. Papers, Volume XII, 1977. Edited by Frederick D. Nichols." Frederick D. Nichols New York & London Garland 1977 lib.c.L2/06; 27042

70.2.7 16771

Homes in city and country; by Russell Sturgis, John W. Root, Bruce Price, Donald G. Mitchell, Samuel Parsons, Jr., W.A. Linn. With one hundred illustrations. Russell Sturgis; John W. Root; Bruce Price; Donald G. Mitchell; Samuel, Jr. Parsons; W.A. Linn New York Charles Scribner‘s Sons 1893 lib.c.L2/07; 27043

70.2.8 16772

The public papers. Edited by Robert Twombly. Louis Sullivan; Robert (ed.) Twombly Chicago and London University of Chicago Press 1988 lib.c.L2/08; 27044 16773

The public papers. Edited by Robert Twombly. Louis Sullivan; Robert (ed.) Twombly Chicago and London University of Chicago Press 1988 lib.c.L2/09; 27045

70.2.9 16774

The City: its growth, its decay, its future. Eliel Saarinen Cambridge (Mass.) MIT Press 1966 lib.c.L2/10; 27046

70.2.10 16775

Public sculpture and the civic ideal in New York City, 1890-1930. Michele H. Bogart Chicago & London University of Chicago Press 1989 lib.c.L2/11; 27047

70.2.11 16776

Die bemalte Stadt: Initiativen zur Veränderung der Strassen in USA. Beispiele in Europa. Horst Schmidt-Brümmer; Feelie Lee Köln Verlag DuMont Schauberg 1973 DuMont Aktuell lib.c.L2/12; 27048

70.2.12 16777

Louis Sullivan, his life and work. Robert Twombly Chicago & London University of Chicago Press 1986 lib.c.L2/13; 27049

70.2.13 16778

Louis Sullivan and the architecture of free enterprise. Edited by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. Edgar, Jr. (ed.) Kaufmann Chicago The Art Institute of Chicago 1956 lib.c.L2/14; 27050

70.2.14 16779

Louis Sullivan: prophet of modern architecture; by Hugh Morrison. Hugh Morrison New York; New York The Museum of Modern Art; W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1935 lib.c.L2/15; 27051

70.2.15 16780

Louis Sullivan; by Albert Bush-Brown. Albert Bush-Brown New York George Braziller, Inc. 1960 The Masters of World Architecture series lib.c.L2/16; 27052

70.2.16 16781

The idea of Louis Sullivan by John Szarkowski. John Szarkowski Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press 1956 lib.c.L2/17; 27053

70.2.17 16782

Louis Sullivan: the shaping of American architecture; a biography by Willard Connely. Willard Connely New York Horizon Press 1960 lib.c.L2/18; 27054

70.2.18 16783

The work of Purcell and Elmslie, architects. With a new introduction by David Gebhard. David Gebhard Park Forest, Illinois A reissue from the Prairie School Press 1965 lib.c.L2/19; 27055

70.2.19 16784

Louis Henry Sullivan. Hans Frei Zürich, München & LOndon Artemis 1992 Studio Paperback lib.c.L2/20; 27056

70.2.20 16785

Louis Henry Sullivan 1856-1924. Mario Manieri Elia Milano Electa 1995 lib.c.L2/21; 27057

70.2.21 16786

The drawings of Louis Henry Sullivan. A catalogue of the Frank Lloyd Wright collection at the Avery Architectural Library. By Paul E. Sprague. With a foreword by Adolf K. Placzek. Paul E. Sprague; Adolf K. (foreword) Placzek Princeton (N.J.) & Guildford Princeton University Press 1979 lib.c.L2/22; 27058