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70.5.1 16875

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70.5.2 16876

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70.5.3 16877

Ely Jacques Kahn: New York architect. With an introduction & a list of works designed between the wars by Françoise Bollack & Tom Killian. Françoise Bollack; Tom Killian New York Acanthus Press 1995 lib.c.L5/03; 27149

70.5.4 16878

The Cooper Union 1977-1978 curricula: art, architecture and engineering. New York The Cooper Union 1977 lib.c.L5/04; 27150

70.5.5 16879

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70.5.6 16880

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70.5.7 16881

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70.5.8 16883

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70.5.9 16884

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70.5.10 16885

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70.5.11 16886

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70.5.12 16887

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70.5.13 16888

Frank Lloyd Wright collected writings. Edited by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer; Introduction by Kenneth Frampton. Volume 1 [- 3]. Frank Lloyd Wright; Bruce Brooks (ed.) Pfeiffer; Kenneth (introd.) Frampton New York Rizzoli in association with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation 1992-1993 3 v. lib.c.L5/14; 27160

70.5.14 16889

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70.5.15 16890

Frank Lloyd Wright: the mile-high IUllinois. Utopie oder Architekturkritik? Brigitte Raschke München scaneg 1996 Punctum 7 lib.c.L5/16; 27162

70.5.16 16891

About Wright: an album of recollections by those who knew Frank Lloyd Wright. Edgar Tafel New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto & Singapore John Wiley & Sons 1993 lib.c.L5/17; 27163

70.5.17 16892

„At Taliesin“: newspaper columns by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin fellowship 1934-1937. Compiled and with commentary by Randolph C. Henning. Foreword by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer. Frank Lloyd Wright; Randolph C. Henning; Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer Carbondale & Edwardsville Southern Illinois University Press 1992 lib.c.L5/18; 27164

70.5.18 16893

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70.5.19 16894

Frank Lloyd Wright: the Kaufmann Office. Christopher Wilk London Victoria & Albert Museum 1993 lib.c.L5/20; 27166

70.5.20 16895

In the nature of materials: 1887-1941 the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright. Henry-Russell Hitchcock New York Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1942 lib.c.L5/21; 27167

70.5.21 16896

Frank Lloyd Wright versus America: The 1930s. Donald Leslie Johnson Cambridge (Mass.) & London MIT Press 1990 lib.c.L5/22; 27168

70.5.22 16897

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70.5.23 16898

Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright & Prairie School architecture in Oak Park. Fourth edition. Paul E. Sprague Chicago Distr.: Chicago Review Press 1986 lib.c.L5/24; 27170

70.5.24 16899

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70.5.25 16900

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70.5.26 16901

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70.5.27 16902

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70.5.28 16903

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70.5.29 16904

The Prairie School. H. Allen Brooks New York & London Norton 1972 lib.c.L5/30; 27176

70.5.30 16905

A guidebook to the architecture of River Forest. Editor: Jeanette S. Fields. Jeanette S. Fields Illinois Architectural Guide Book Committee 1981 lib.c.L5/31; 27177

70.5.31 16906

Frank Lloyd Wright: letters to architects. Selected and with commentary by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer. Frank Lloyd Wright; Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer Fresno, CA The Press at California State University 1984 second printing lib.c.L5/32; 27178