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70.7.1 16953

Soundings: a work by John Hejduk. Edited by Kim Shkapich. John Hejduk; Kim (ed.) Shkapich New York Rizzoli 1993 lib.c.L7/01; 27225

70.7.2 16954

Ralph Walker architect of Voorhees Gmelin & Walker, Voorhees Walker Foley & Smith, Voorhees Walker Smith & Smith. New York Henahan House 1957 lib.c.L7/02; 27226

70.7.3 16955

Fifth Avenue old and new 1824-1924 by Henry Collins Brown. Henry Collins Brown New York Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co. 1924 lib.c.L7/03; 27227

70.7.4 16956

Report of the Board of General Managers of the Exhibit of the State of New York at the Pan-American Exposition. Transmitted to the Legislature March 27 1902. Albany J.B. Lyon Company 1902 lib.c.L7/04; 27228

70.7.5 16957

American architecture 1607-1976. Marcus Whiffen; Frederick Koeper Cambridge (Mass.) MIT Press 1981 second printing lib.c.L7/05; 27229

70.7.6 16958

Mark Rothko: a biography. James E.B. Breslin Chicago & London University of Chicago Press 1993 lib.c.L7/06; 27230

70.7.7 16959

Usonien: when democracy builds; von Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright Berlin Gebr. Mann 1950 lib.c.L7/07; 27231

70.7.8 16960

An autobiography. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1943 lib.c.L7/08; 27232

70.7.9 16961

Die Zukunft der Architektur. Frank Lloyd Wright München & Wien Albert Langen & Georg Müller 1966 The future of architecture lib.c.L7/09; 27233

70.7.10 16962

Frank Lloyd Wright: the early work. New York Bramhall House 1968 lib.c.L7/10; 27234

70.7.11 16963

A testament. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Horizon Press 1957 lib.c.L7/11; 27235

70.7.12 16964

Frank Lloyd Wright‘s ungebaute Architekur. Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer Stuttgart Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt 1987 Treasures of Taleisin; 1 v. in slipcase lib.c.L7/12; 27236

70.7.13 16965

"Die Form: Zeitschrift für gestaltende Arbeit. 5. Jahr, Heft 13, 1. Juli 1930." Berlin Verlag Hermann Reckendorf 1930 lib.c.L7/13; 27237

70.7.14 16966

The new edifice of Unity Church, Oak Park, Illinois. Frank Lloyd Wright architect. Descriptive and historical matter by Dr. Rodney F. Johonnot. Published by the New Unity Church Club, June Nineteen hundred and six. s.l. Offset Press 1984 lib.c.L7/14; 27238

70.7.15 16967

"Friends of Taliesin. Vol.5, n‘3, October 1989." Scottsdale, Arizona Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation 1989 lib.c.L7/15; 27239

70.7.16 16968

"Arts & Crafts and architectural designs: including works from the Domino‘s Center for Architecture and Design. Sale: New York, Saturday December 12, 1992." Christie‘s, New York New York Christie‘s 1992 lib.c.L7/16; 27240

70.7.17 16969

"Important works by Frank Lloyd Wright and his contemporaries from Domino‘s Center for Architecture and Design. Sale: New York, Saturday June 12, 1993." Christie‘s, New York New York Christie‘s 1993 lib.c.L7/17; 27241

70.7.18 16970

The sovereignty of the individual: in the cause of architecture. Preface to Ausgefuhrte Bauten und Entwurfe published by Wasmuth Berlin 1910, reprinted as introduction to exhibition Palazzo Strozzi Florence Italy 1951. Frank Lloyd Wright Firenze Studio Italiano di Storia dell‘Arte 1951, Giugno lib.c.L7/18; 27242

70.7.19 16971

"Creative art: a magazine of fine and applied art. Volume X, Number 3, April 1932." New York Albert & Charles Boni 1932 lib.c.L7/19; 27243

70.7.20 16972

Frank Lloyd Wright. Paris Cahiers d‘Art 1928 Les maîtres de l‘architecture contemporaine I lib.c.L7/20; 27244

70.7.21 16973

Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Hollyhock House by Donald Hoffmann. Donald Hoffmann New York Dover 1992 lib.c.L7/21; 27245

70.7.22 16974

Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Robie House: the illustrated story of an architectural masterpiece by Donald Hoffmann. Donald Hoffmann New York Dover 1984 lib.c.L7/22; 27246

70.7.23 16975

"Frank Lloyd Wright: in the realm of ideas; edited by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and Gerald Nordland. Ausstellung: LTV Center Pavilion, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas, January - March 1988; National Museum of American History (Smithsonian Institution), Washington, D.C., July-September 1988; Center for the Fine Arts, Miami, Florida, December 1988 - March 1989; Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois, June - September 1989; Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona, January - March 1990; San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, California, June - August 1990." Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer; Gerald Nordland Carbondale & Edwardsville Southern Illinois University Press 1988 lib.c.L7/23; 27247

70.7.24 16976

The future of architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Horizon Press 1953 lib.c.L7/24; 27248

70.7.25 16977

Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Fallingwater: the house and its history; by Donald Hoffmann. With an introduction by Edgar Kaufmann, jr. Donald Hoffmann; Edgar, jr. (introd.) Kaufmann New York Dover 1978 lib.c.L7/25; 27249

70.7.26 16978

Two Chicago architects and their clients: Frank Lloyd Wright and Howard Van Doren Shaw; with an appendix by Elizabeth M. Douvan. Leonard K. Eaton Cambridge (Mass.) & London MIT Press 1969 lib.c.L7/26; 27250

70.7.27 16979

The drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright. Arthur Drexler New York Bramhall House 1962 lib.c.L7/27; 27251

70.7.28 16980

Frank Lloyd Wright: a study in architectural content. Norris Kelly Smith Watkins Glen, NY American Life Foundation & Study Institute 1979 lib.c.L7/28; 27252

70.7.29 16981

A testament. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Bramhall House 1957 lib.c.L7/29; 27253

70.7.30 16982

An American architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright. Edited by Edgar Kaufmann. Edgar Kaufmann New York Bramhall House 1955 lib.c.L7/30; 27254

70.7.31 16983

Prairie School architecture: Studies from „The Western Architect“. Edted and introduced by H. Allen Brooks. H. Allen Brooks New York, Cincinnati, Toronto, London & Melbourne Van Nostrand Reinhold Company 1983, © 1975 lib.c.L7/31; 27255

70.7.32 16984

Frank Lloyd Wright: a primer on architectural principles. Robert (ed.) McCarter New York Princeton Architectural Press 1991 lib.c.L7/32; 27256

70.7.33 16985

Genius and the mobocracy. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1949 lib.c.L7/33; 27257

70.7.34 16986

La Casa sulla Cascata di F. Ll. Wright. F. Lloyd Wright‘s Fallingwater. Bruno Zevi; Edgar, jr. Kaufmann Milano ETAS 1965, © 1963 seconda edizione lib.c.L7/34; 27258

70.7.35 16987

"House beautiful. Vol.98, No.11, November 1955: Frank Lloyd Wright." New York Hearst Corporation 1955 lib.c.L7/35; 27259

70.7.36 16988

"Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American landscape, 1922-1932. Ausstellung, CCA, Montreal, 18.6. - 22.9.1996; Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Fall 1996." David G. (ed.) De Long New York; Montreal Harry N. Abrams; CCA 1996 lib.c.L7/36; 27260

70.7.37 16989

The future of architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Bramhall House 1953 lib.c.L7/37; 27261

70.7.38 16990

In the cause of architecture: essays by Frank Lloyd Wright for Architectural Record 1908-1952; with a symposium on architecture with and without Wright by eight who knew him: Andrew Devane, Victor Hornbein, Elizabeth Wright Ingraham, Karl Kamrath, Elizabeth Kassler, Edgar Kaufmann, jr., Henry Klumb, Bruno Zevi. Edited by Frederick Gutheim. Frank Lloyd Wright; Frederick Gutheim New York Architectural Record 1975 lib.c.L7/38; 27262

70.7.39 16991

The story of the tower: the tree that escaped the crowded forest. Frank Lloyd Wright New York Horizon Press 1956 lib.c.L7/39; 27263

70.7.40 16992

The work of Frank Lloyd Wright: the Wendigen edition. The work of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright with contributions by Frank Lloyd Wright, an introduction by architect H. Th. Wijdeveld and many articles by famous European architects and American writers. 1965 edition including an introduction written for this edition by Mrs. Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright; H. Th. Wijdeveld; Olgivanna Lloyd Wright New York Bramhall House 1965 lib.c.L7/40; 27264