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76.2.1 13658

Sir John Vanbrugh, The dramatic works. Edited by W.C. Ward. In two volumes. Volume I [- II]. John Vanbrugh; W.C. (ed.) Ward London Lawrence & Bullen 1893 2 v. lib.d.E1/01; 20867

76.2.2 13659

The complete works of Sir John Vanbrugh. The plays edited by Bonamy Dobrée; the letters edited by Geoffrey Webb. The first [- fourth] volume. John Vanbrugh; Bonamy (ed.) Dobrée; Geoffrey (ed.) Webb Bloomsbury The Nonesuch Press 1927-1928 4 v. lib.d.E1/02; 20868

76.2.3 13660

Sir John Vanbrugh architect & dramatist 1664-1726. Laurence Whistler New York The Macmillan Company 1939 lib.d.E1/03; 20869

76.2.4 13661

The city wives confederacy: a comedy. By Sir John Vanbrugh. Marked with the Variations of the Manager‘s book, a the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. John Vanbrugh London printed for J. Rivington and Sons, L. Davis, W. Nicoll, and S. Bladon 1777 lib.d.E1/04; 20870

76.2.5 13662

Sir John Vanbrugh: the playwright as architect. Frank McCormick Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University Press 1991 lib.d.E1/05; 20871

76.2.6 13663

The collected works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Edited with preface and notes by William M. Rossetti. In two volumes. Volume I [- II]. Dante Gabriel Rossetti; William M. (ed.) Rossetti London Ellis and Elvey 1897 2 v. lib.d.E1/06; 20872

76.2.7 13664

"Thomas Gainsborough. Ausstellung: London, Tate Gallery, 8.10.1980 - 4.1.1981." John Hayes London Tate Gallery 1980 lib.d.E1/07; 20873

76.2.8 13665

Lectures on painting, delivered at the Royal Academy of Arts: with a letter on the proposal for a public memorial of the naval glory of Great Britain. By the late John Opie, Esq. Professor in painting to the Royal Academy. To which are prefixed, a memoir by Mrs. Opie, and other accounts of Mr. Opie‘s talents and character. John Opie London; London printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme; Richard Taylor and Co. printers 1809 lib.d.E1/08; 20874

76.2.9 13666

Füssli Studien von Frederick Antal. Frederick Antal Dresden VEB Verlag der Kunst 1973 Neue Bibliothek der Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte lib.d.E1/09; 20875

76.2.10 13667

"Johann Heinrich Füsslis Kunstlehre und ihre Auswirkung auf seine Shakespeare-Interpretation. Diss., Univ. Zürich." Ursula Ditchburn-Bosch Zürich Juris-Verlag 1960 lib.d.E1/10; 20876

76.2.11 13668

"William Turner und die Landschaft seiner Zeit. Ausstellung: Hamburger Kunsthalle, 19.5. - 18.7.1976." München Prestel 1976 lib.d.E1/11; 20877

76.2.12 13669

The story of St.-Giles-in-the-Fields Parish Church London. Margate printed by The Thanet Press s.d. [nach 1960] lib.d.E1/12; 20878

76.2.13 13670

Christopher Wren: architect. A loan exhibition. Introduction and catalogue by John Harris. Circulated by the International Exhibitions Foundation 1970-1971: The Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio; University of Texas, Austin, Texas; University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia; Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island; University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois; Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. John Harris Washington printed by H.K. Press 1970 lib.d.E1/13; 20879

76.2.14 13671

"Firenze e l‘Inghilterra: rapporti artistici e culturali dal XVI al XX secolo. Ausstellung: Firenze, Palazzo Pitti, luglio-settembre 1971. Catalogo critico di Mary Webster. Traduzione di Françoise e Marco Chiarini; Saggio storico della prof. Anna Maria Crinò." Mary Webster; Anna Maria Crinò; Françoise (trans.) Chiarini; Marco (trans.) Chiarini Firenze Centro Di 1971 lib.d.E1/14; 20880

76.2.15 13672

St. Stephen Walbrook: a short history by T.W. Matthews. T.W. Matthews Colchester printed by Benham & Company Ltd. s.d. [nach 1970] lib.d.E1/15; 20881

76.2.16 13673

Blenheim: a short guide to the interior. Woodstock Blenheim Palace s.d. lib.d.E1/16; 20882

76.2.17 13674

The Iveagh Bequest Kenwood: a short account of its history and architecture by John Summerson. John Summerson London London County Council 1953, © 1951 lib.d.E1/17; 20883 13675 Syon House: the story of a great house with a short guide for visitors. Brentford Syon House Estate 1968 lib.d.E1/18; 20884

76.2.18 13676

The Sheldonian in its time: an oration delivered to commemorate the restoration of the theatre 16 Novembre 1963. John Summerson Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1965, © 1964 lib.d.E1/19; 20885

76.2.19 13677

Bibliotheca Radcliviana 1749-1949: catalogue of an exhibitionheld in the Bodleian Library and the Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford, to commemorate the bicentenary of the opening of the Radcliffe Library on 13 April 1749. Oxford University Press 1949 lib.d.E1/20; 20886

76.2.20 13678

The pictorial history of St. Paul‘s Cathedral: the official record. By the Rev. W.M. Atkins. W.M. Atkins London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. s.d. Pride of Britain lib.d.E1/21; 20887

76.2.21 13679

The Royal Wedding: The Marriage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and The Lady Diana Spencer St. paul‘s Cathedral 29 July 1981. The Carriage Processions, the Ceremonial, and the Marriage Service, published by Gracious Permission of Her Majesty The Queen. Official Programme. London The Royal Jubilee Trusts 1981 lib.d.E1/22; 20888

76.2.22 13680

The Iveagh Bequest Kenwood: a short account of its history and architecture by John Summerson. John Summerson London Greater London Council 1971 lib.d.E1/23; 20889

76.2.23 13681

Illustrated guide to St. James‘s Church Piccadilly. Joghn Lambert London & Harlow printed at the Shenval Press s.d. [nach 1971] lib.d.E1/24; 20890

76.2.24 13682

St. Paul‘s Cathedral: the official colour souvenir guide of London‘s Cathedral, by E.T. Floyd Ewin. E.T. Floyd Ewin London Pitkin 1965 Pitkin Pictorial Book lib.d.E1/25; 20891

76.2.25 13683

Great Drawings form the collection: Heinz Gallery, inaugural exhibition, 1972. London RIBA 1972 lib.d.E1/26; 20892

76.2.26 13684

Hampton Court Palace; by the late G.H. Chettle; with additions by John Charlton. G.H. Chettle; John Charlton London HMSO 1971 lib.d.E1/27; 20893

76.2.27 13685

The Antiquities of Warwick, And Warwick Castle; extracted from Sir William Dugdale‘s Antiquities of Warwickshire. To which is added, from an ancient Manuscript in the Possession of the Corporation of Warwick, a Detail of the Earl of Leicester‘s Arrival at Warwick, and celebrating the French Order of St. Michael, in the Year 1571: And also, an Account of Queen Elizabeth‘s Reception in Warwick, in 1572. Embellished with a Copper Plate Print of St. Mary‘s Church. London; London Printed by and for J. Sharp; Sold by Messrs. Rivingtons 1786 lib.d.E1/28; 20894

76.2.28 13686

The building of the eighteenth-century church by Basil F.L. Clarke. Basil F.L. Clarke London SPCK 1963 lib.d.E1/29; 20895

76.2.29 13687

"Drawings by George Romney. Exhibition selected and catalogued by Patricia Jaffé. Ausstellung: Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum." Patricia Jaffé Cambridge, London, New York & Melbourne Cambridge University Press 1977 lib.d.E1/30; 20896

76.2.30 13688

The Iveagh Bequest: Catalogue of Paintings. Peter Murray London Greater London Council s.d. lib.d.E1/31; 20897

76.2.31 13689

Blake and Antiquity: a shorter version of Blake and Tradition, The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1962. The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Kathleen Raine Princeton (N.J.) Princeton University Press 1977, © 1963 Bollingen Series lib.d.E1/32; 20898

76.2.32 13690

The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole; Vathek by William Beckford; The Vampyre by John Polidori; an a fragment of a novel by Lord Byron. Three gothic novels, edited by E.F. Bleiler. Horace Walpole; William Beckford; John Polidori; Byron; E.F. Bleiler New York Dover Publications, Inc. 1966 lib.d.E1/33; 20899

76.2.33 13691

English travellers of the Renaissance, by Clare Howard. Clare Howard New York Burt Franklin 1968 Bibliography and Reference series 179 reprint of 1914 edition lib.d.E1/34; 20900

76.2.34 13692

The Old High Church Inverness. Inverness J.G. Eccles, printers s.d. lib.d.E1/35; 20901

76.2.35 13693

The furniture of Robert Adam. Eileen Harris London Alec Tiranti 1963 lib.d.E1/36; 20902

76.2.36 13694

Osterley Park. Victoria and Albert Museum London HMSO 1972 lib.d.E1/37; 20903

76.2.37 13695

Berkeley Castle: an illustrated survey of the Gloucestershire home of Captain R.G. Berkeley; history and description of the contents by V. Sackville-West. V. Sackville-West LondonDerby English Life Publications Ltd. s.d. [1968] lib.d.E1/38; 20904

76.2.38 13696

Gloucester Cathedral: a short account of its history and architecture for the use of visitors. Illustrated. Henry Gee Gloucester British Publishing Company Ltd. s.d. lib.d.E1/39; 20905

76.2.39 13697

The Parish Church of St. Mary Cheltenham, with a short account of the church of St. Matthew. 13th edition. Gloucester British Publishing Company Ltd. s.d. lib.d.E1/40; 20906

76.2.40 13698

Les voyages de Cyrus, avec un discours sur la théologie et la mythologie des payens. Par M. de Ramsay. Traduit, et mis dans l‘ordre le plus convenable, pour hâter les progrèe de ceux qui s‘appliquent aux Langues Française et Anglaise. // The travels of Cyrus, to wich [sic] is annexed a discourse upon the theology and mythology of the pagans. By M. de Ramsay. Translated, and disposed in the most convenient order, for the greater improvement of those who apply themselves to the French and English Languages. Ramsay Paris printed for Bossange, Masson and Besson an 10 1802 2 v. lib.d.E1/41; 20907

76.2.41 13699

William Blake and the Age of Revolution. J. Bronowski London Routledge & Kegan Paul 1972 lib.d.E1/42; 20908

76.2.42 13700

"Ossian und die Kunst um 1800. Ausstellung: Hamburger Kunsthalle, 9.5. - 23.6.1974." München Prestel 1974 lib.d.E1/43; 20909

76.2.43 13701

"Johann Heinrich Füssli 1741-1825. Gemälde und Zeichnungen. Ausstellung: Zürich, Kunsthaus, 17.5. - 6.7.1969." Zürich Kunsthaus 1969 lib.d.E1/44; 20910

76.2.44 13702

"Sir Thomas Lawrence 1769-1830. Ausstellung: National Portrait Gallery, London, 9.11.1979 - 16.3.1980." Michael Levey London National Portrait Gallery 1979 lib.d.E1/45; 20911

76.2.45 13703

Johann Heinrich Füsslis Milton-Galerie. 64 Abbildungen. Gert Schiff Zürich & Stuttgart Fretz & Wasmuth 1963 Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft Zürich Schriften Nr.5 lib.d.E1/46; 20912