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77.4.1 13759

The architecture of Robert & James Adam (1758-1794) by Arthur T. Bolton. Vol. I [- II]. Arthur T. Bolton s.l. [London] Antique Collectors‘ Club 1984 2 v. reprint of 1922 lib.d.F3/01; 20968

77.4.2 13760

Robert Adam; by Alistair Rowan. Alistair Rowan London Victoria and Albert Museum 1988 Catalogues of architectural drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum lib.d.F3/02; 20969

77.4.3 13761

The complete works of Robert and James Adam. David King Oxford Butterworth Architecture 1991 lib.d.F3/03; 20970

77.4.4 13762

„A proper repository“: the building of the General Register House. Margaret H.B. Sanderson Edinburgh Scottish Record Office; HMSO 1992 lib.d.F3/04; 20971

77.4.5 13763

Robert Adam and Scotland: portrait of an architect. Margaret H.B. Sanderson Edinburgh HMSO 1992 lib.d.F3/05; 20972

77.4.6 13764

Robert Adam and Scotland: a bicentenary exhibition at the General Rehister House, Princes Street, Edinburgh, 6.7. - 25.9.1992. Margaret H.B. Sanderson Edinburgh HMSO 1992 lib.d.F3/06; 20973

77.4.7 13765

"City dwellings and country houses: Robert Adam & his style. Ausstellung: Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, 1982." Elain Evans Dee Washington Smithsonian Institution 1982 lib.d.F3/07; 20974

77.4.8 13766

Robert Adam & his brothers: their lives, work & influence on English architecture, decoration and furniture. By John Swarbrick. John Swarbrick London B.T. Batsford s.d. [1915] lib.d.F3/08; 20975

77.4.9 13767

English Neo-classical Architecture. Volume one [- two]. Damie Stillman London A. Zwemmer 1988 Studies in architecture 2 v. in slipcase lib.d.F3/09; 20976

77.4.10 13768

Sir William Chambers Knight of the Polar Star by John Harris with contributions by J. Mordaunt Crook and Eileen Harris. John Harris; J. Mordaunt Crook; Eileen Harris London A. Zwemmer 1970 lib.d.F3/10; 20977

77.4.11 922

Report of the committee of the Society of Dilettanti, appointed by the Society to superintend the expedition lately sent by them to Greece and Ionia; containing an abstract of the voyage of the mission, a list of the materials collected by them, and a plan to facilitate the publication of those materials. Henry Charles, Sir Englefield London printed by W. Bulmer and Co. 1814 lib.d.F3/11; 1067

77.4.12 13769

An heroic epistle to Sir William Chambers, Knight, Comptroller General of his Majesty‘s works, And Author of a late Dissertation on Orinetal Gardening. Enriched with explanatory Notes, chiefly extracted from that elaborate Performance. The second edition. London Printed for J. Almon 1773 lib.d.F3/12; 20978

77.4.13 13770

James Gibbs. Terry Friedman New Haven & London Published for the Paul Mellon Centre by Yale University Press 1984 lib.d.F3/13; 20979

77.4.14 13771

James Gandon Vitruvius Hibernicus. Photographs by David Davison. Edward McParland; David (phot.) Davison London A. Zwemmer Ltd. 1985 lib.d.F3/14; 20980

77.4.15 13772

Vanbrugh by Kerry Downes. Kerry Downes London A. Zwemmer Ltd. 1977 lib.d.F3/15; 20981

77.4.16 13773

Designs in architecture; consisting of plans, elevations, and sections, for Temples, Baths, Cassines, Pavilions, Garden-Seats, Obelisks, and other Buildings; for decorating Pleasure-Ground, Parks, Forests, &c. &c. Engraved on 38 Copper-Plates. By John Soan. (London: Printed for I. Taylor, 1778). John Soan Farnborough Gregg International Publishers Limited 1968 lib.d.F3/16; 20982

77.4.17 13774

The Estelle Doheny Collection from the Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library, St. John‘s Seminary, Camarillo, California. Christie‘s New York Christie‘s 1987 lib.d.F3/17; 20983

77.4.18 13775

The Royal Pavilion at Brighton. An exhibition organized by The Royal Pavilion, Museums and Art Gallery, Brighton and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, 1977. New York Cooper-Hewitt Museum 1977 lib.d.F3/18; 20984

77.4.19 13776

The rural architect; consisting of various designs for country buildings, accompanied with ground plans, estimates, and descriptions. (London: printed for John Harding, 1805). John Soan Farnborough Gregg International Publishers Limited 1971 lib.d.F3/19; 20985

77.4.20 13777

"du: Die Kunstzeitschrift. 399, Mai 1974." Zürich Conzett + Huber 1974 lib.d.F3/20; 20986

77.4.21 13778

The architectural drawings collection of King‘s College, Cambridge. A catalogue and historical synopsis of the major project drawings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Allan Doig Avebury? Avebury Publishing Co. Ltd. 1979 lib.d.F3/21; 20987

77.4.22 13779

The architecture of Sir John Soane. With an introduction by Professor Henry-Russell Hitchcock. Dorothy Stroud; Henry-Russell (intr.) Hitchcock London Studio 1961 lib.d.F3/22; 20988

77.4.23 13780

Sir John Soane; by Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey. Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey London Victoria and Albert Museum 1985 Catalogues of architectural drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum lib.d.F3/23; 20989

77.4.24 13781

"A Baroque Palladian in Ireland: The architecture of Davis Duckart - I. Reprint from Country Life, September 28th and October 5th 1967, Vol. CXLII, pp.735-739 & 798-801." The Knight of Glin s.l. Country Life 1967 lib.d.F3/24; 20990

77.4.25 13782

The works of Sir John Soane, F.R.S., F.S.A., R.A. (1753-1837). Edited by Arthur T. Bolton. Arthur T. Bolton London Sir John Soane Museum 1924 The Sir John Soane Museum Publication No.8 lib.d.F3/25; 20991

77.4.26 13783

Lectures on architecture by Sir John Soane R.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., As deloivered to the Students of the Royal Academy from 1809 to 1836 in Two Courses of Six Lectures each. Edited from the Original MS. by Arthur T. Bolton. With 120 Plates selected from the original Diagrams made by Sir John Soane and his Pupils. John Soane; Arthur T. Bolton London Sir John Soane Museum 1929 The Sir John Soane Museum Publication No.14 lib.d.F3/26; 20992

77.4.27 13784

The works in architecture of Robert and James Adam. Biographical tribute by John Swarbrick. Robert Adam; James Adam; John Swarbrick London Alec Tiranti 1959 lib.d.F3/27; 20993

77.4.28 13785

"Quarterly Bulletin of the Irish Georgian Society. Vol. XIII, No.1, January-March 1970." Castletown, Celbridge Irish Georgian Society 1970 lib.d.F3/28; 20994

77.4.29 13786

The Sheldonian Theatre and the Divinity School. Text by H.M. Colvin; photographs by J. Thomas. H.M. Colvin; J. (phot.) Thomas Oxford at the University Press 1964 lib.d.F3/29; 20995

77.4.30 13787

"Irish architectural drawings: an exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Irish Architectural Records Association. Ausstellung: Dublin, Municipal Gallery of Art; Belfast, The Ulster Museum; The Armagh Museum; London, Royal Institute of British Architects." London Design for Print Ltd. 1965 lib.d.F3/30; 20996

77.4.31 13788

"Pyramide et sphère: notes sur l‘architecture révolutionnaire du XVIIIe siècle et ses sources italiennes, par Werner Oechslin. Extrait de la Gazette des Beaux-Arts, avril 1971, pp.201-238." Werner Oechslin Paris Gazette des Beaux-Arts 1971 lib.d.F3/31; 20997

77.4.32 13789

Designs for castles and country villas by Robert & James Adam. Alistair Rowan New York Rizzoli 1985 lib.d.F3/32; 20998

77.4.33 13790

"Topography, imagination and travel: Turner‘s relationship with James Hakewill. Photocopy from Art History, Vol.5, No.4, December 1982, pp.408-425." Cecilia Powell lib.d.F3/33; 20999

77.4.34 13791

Here‘s Hampton Court by Iris Morley with thirty drawings by Paul Hogarth. Iris Morley; Paul Hogarth Newman Neame s.e. 1952, © 1951 lib.d.F3/34; 21000

77.4.35 13792

"Swissair Gazette. 5/1986." Zürich Verlag A. Vetter for Swissair 1986 lib.d.F3/35; 21001

77.4.36 13793

"Apollo. Reprint of Vol. XCVIII, No.139, September 1973: The Wellington Museum, Apsley House." London Financial Times 1973 lib.d.F3/36; 21002

77.4.37 13794

Portrait of Dublin. Desmond Guinness London B.T. Batsford 1967 lib.d.F3/37; 21003

77.4.38 13795

"Quarterly Bulletin of the Irish Georgian Society. Vol. V, No.2 & 3, April-September 1962." Castletown, Celbridge Irish Georgian Society 1962 lib.d.F3/38; 21004

77.4.39 13796

"Castletown, Co. Kildare by Maurice Craig, The Knight of Glin, John Cornforth. Reprinted for the Irish Georgian Society from Country Life, March 27, April 3 and 10, 1969, Vol. CXLV, pp.722, 978 and 882." Maurice Craig; Knight of Glin; John Cornforth Castletown, Celbridge Irish Georgian Society 1969 lib.d.F3/39; 21005

77.4.40 13797

George Dance the elder 1695-1768, the younger 1741-1825. The first exhibition devoted to these two distinguished architects; from 7 July to 30 September 1972. Geffrye Museum, London. London Inner London Education Authority 1972 lib.d.F3/40; 21006

77.4.41 13798

George Dance the elder 1695-1768, the younger 1741-1825. The first exhibition devoted to these two distinguished architects; from 7 July to 30 September 1972. Geffrye Museum, London. London Inner London Education Authority 1972 lib.d.F3/41; 21007

77.4.42 13799

"A model for Fonthill Abbey Wiltshire. Reprinted from The Country Seat: Studies in the History of the British Country House." John Wilton-Ely London Allen Lane The Penguin Press 1970 lib.d.F3/42; 21008

77.4.43 13800

"Studies in art, architecture and design. Volume two: Victorian and after, with 519 black-and-white illustrations." Nikolaus Pevsner London Thames and Hudson 1968 lib.d.F3/43; 21009

77.4.44 13801

"Arts and Crafts: Von Morris bis Mackintosh - Reformbewegung zwischen Kunstgewerbe und Sozialutopie. Herausgegeben von Gerda Breuer. Ausstellung: Institut Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, 11.12.1994 - 17.4.1995." Gerda Breuer Darmstadt Stadt Darmstadt 1994 lib.d.F3/44; 21010

77.4.45 13802

Edwin Lutyens. London Academy Editions 19 Architectural Monographs 6 lib.d.F3/45; 21011

77.4.46 13803

Sotheby‘s Auction News: European newsletter. September to December 1992. Sotheby‘s London Sotheby‘s 1992 lib.d.F3/46; 21012

77.4.47 13804

"Matthew Brettingham the Younger, Foots Cray Place, and the Secularization of Palladio‘s Villa Rotonda in England. Extract from: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 53:4, December 1994, pp.428-447." Stanford Anderson s.l. s.e. 1994 lib.d.F3/47; 21013

77.4.48 13805

The architectural outsiders. Introduction by Kerry Downes, edited by Roderick Brown. Kerry (intr.) Downes; Roderick (ed.) Brown London Waterstone 1985 lib.d.F3/48; 21014

77.4.49 13806

"Rassegna. Rivista trimestrale. Anno XVII, 64/IV, 1995: (Edinburgh)." Milano; Milano C.I.P.I.A.; distr.: Electa Periodici 1995 lib.d.F3/49; 21015

77.4.50 13807

Architectural drawings of the Regency period 1790-1837. From the Drawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Giles Worsley Washington D.C. The American Institute of Architects Press 1991 lib.d.F3/50; 21016

77.4.51 13808

"Studies in art, architecture and design. Victorian and after, with 518 black-and-white illustrations." Nikolaus Pevsner Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press 1968 lib.d.F3/51; 21017