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77.7.1 13863

Sir Christopher Wren: the design of St. Paul‘s Cathedral. Introduction and catalogue by Kerry Downes. Kerry Downes London Trefoil Publications in association with the Guildhall Library 1988 lib.d.F6/01; 21072

77.7.2 13864

Wren and his place in European architecture by Eduard F. Sekler. Eduard F. Sekler New York MacMillanCompany 1956 damage lib.d.F6/02; 21073

77.7.3 13865

The work of Christopher Wren. Illustrated by Anthony Kersting. Geoffrey Beard London Bloomsbury Books 1982 lib.d.F6/03; 21074

77.7.4 13866

"Sir Christopher Wren and the making of St. Paul‘s. Ausstellung: London, Royal Academy of Arts, 8.3. - 12.5.1991." London Royal Academy of Arts 1991 lib.d.F6/04; 21075

77.7.5 13867

"Sir Christopher Wren and the making of St. Paul‘s. Ausstellung: London, Royal Academy of Arts, 8.3. - 12.5.1991." London Royal Academy of Arts 1991 lib.d.F6/05; 21076

77.7.6 13868

Sir Christopher Wren by John Summerson. John Summerson London Collins 1965, © 1953 Makers of history lib.d.F6/06; 21077

77.7.7 13869

Sir Christopher Wren a biography by Harold F. Hutchison. Harold F. Hutchison New York Stein and Day 1976 lib.d.F6/07; 21078

77.7.8 13870

Wren, 166 illustrations. Margaret Whinney London Thames and Hudson 1971 The world of art library lib.d.F6/08; 21079

77.7.9 13871

A history of St Paul‘s Cathedral and the men associated with it. Edited by The Very Rev. W.R. Matthews and The Rev. W.M. Atkins with a foreword by the late Sir Ernest Barker. With fifty-seven illustrations. W.R. Matthews; W.M. Atkins; Ernest Barker London John Baker 1964, © 1957 lib.d.F6/09; 21080

77.7.10 13872

Myself, Christopher Wren. David Weiss New York Coward, McCann & Geoghegan 1974 lib.d.F6/10; 21081

77.7.11 13873

Sir Christopher Wren by Lena Milman. Lena Milman London; New York Duckworth and Co.; Charles Scribner‘s Sons 1908 lib.d.F6/11; 21082

77.7.12 13874

Georgian London. With forty-eight plates and thirty-seven text figures. John Summerson Harmondsworth Penguin 1962 Pelican A 574 lib.d.F6/12; 21083

77.7.13 13875

Examples of Labourers‘ Cottages, &c. with plans for improving the dwellings of the poor in large towns by John Birch. John Birch Edinburgh and London William Blackwood and Sons 1892 lib.d.F6/13; 21084

77.7.14 13876

London and Westminster improved, illustrated by plans. To which is prefixed, A Discourse on Publick Magnificence; with Observations on the tate of Arts and Artists in this Kingdom, wherein the Study of the Polite Arts is recommended as necessary to a liberal Education: Concluded by Some Proposals relative to Places not laid down in the Plans. By John Gwynn. (London: Printed for the Author; sold by Mr. Dodsley, etc., 1766). John Gwynn Farnborough Gregg 1969 lib.d.F6/14; 21085

77.7.15 13877

A description of Bath 1765. John Wood Bath Kingsmead reprints 1969 facsimile of 1765 edition. lib.d.F6/15; 21086

77.7.16 13878

English towns in transition 1500-1700. Peter Clark; Paul Slack Oxford, New York, Toronto & Melbourne Oxford University Press 1979, © 1976 OPUS lib.d.F6/16; 21087

77.7.17 13879

Victorian architecture. Robert Furneaux Jordan Harmondsworth Penguin 1966 lib.d.F6/17; 21088

77.7.18 13880

Life in Shakespeare‘s England: a book of Elizabethan prose compiled by John Dover Wilson. John Dover Wilson Harmondsworth Penguin 1951 lib.d.F6/18; 21089

77.7.19 13881

The impact of English towns 1700-1800. P.J. Corfield Oxford, New York, Toronto & Melbourne Oxford University Press 1982 OPUS lib.d.F6/19; 21090

77.7.20 13882

Royal buildings. Howard Colvin London Country Life Books 1968 RIBA drawings series lib.d.F6/20; 21091

77.7.21 13883

The University Church of S. Mary the Virgin, Oxford. Third edition. Gloucester British Publishing Company Limited s.d. lib.d.F6/21; 21092

77.7.22 13884

Warwick castle: an illustrated survey of the historic Warwickshire home of the Earls of Warwick. Leamington Spa English Counties Periodicals Limited for the Warwick Castle Estate Office s.d. lib.d.F6/22; 21093

77.7.23 13885

The church of St. Michael and All Angels Ledbury: a history of its building and study of its architecture. By Dorothea Farquharson. 4th edition. Dorothea Farquharson Gloucester British Publishing Company Limited s.d. lib.d.F6/23; 21094

77.7.24 13886

William Talman: maverick architect. John Harris London, Boston & Sydney George Allen and Unwin 1982 Studies in architecture 2 lib.d.F6/24; 21095

77.7.25 13887

Architectural drawings in the Bodleian Library. John Harris Oxford; Oxford at the University Press; Bodleian Library 1952 Bodleian picture book No.7 lib.d.F6/25; 21096

77.7.26 13888

An introduction to Regency architecture. Paul Reilly London Art and Technics 1948 lib.d.F6/26; 21097

77.7.27 13889

Daniel Heinsius and Stuart England with a short-title checklist of the works of Daniel Heinsius. Paul R. Sellin Leiden; Oxford at the University Press; Oxford University Press 1968 Publications of the Sir Thomas Browne Institute, Leiden General Series No.3 lib.d.F6/27; 21098

77.7.28 13890

The minutes of the Aberdeen Philosophical Society 1758-1773 edited by H. Lewis Ulman. H. Lewis Ulman Aberdeen Aberdeen University Press for Aberdeen University Studies Committee 1990 lib.d.F6/28; 21099

77.7.29 13891

William Shipley Founder of the Royal Society of Arts: a biography with documents. D.G.C. Allan London Hutchinson 1968 lib.d.F6/29; 21100

77.7.30 13892

Constable. Giusepe. Gatt Firenze Sadea/Sansoni 1968 I diamanti dell‘arte 35 lib.d.F6/30; 21101

77.7.31 13893

Gainsborough. Giusepe. Gatt Firenze Sadea/Sansoni 1968 I diamanti dell‘arte 41 lib.d.F6/31; 21102

77.7.32 13894

Oxford in pictures by Maxwell Fraser. A descriptive tour of Oxford and the Colleges with sixty-five illustrations, map and full colour reproductions of the University and College Arms. Fourth Revised Edition, Ninth Impression. Maxwell Fraser Oxford Thames Valley Art Productions Ltd. s.d. lib.d.F6/32; 21103

77.7.33 13895

English cathedrals. John Harvey London B.T. Batsford Ltd. 1961, © 1950 lib.d.F6/33; 21104

77.7.34 13896

50 views of Oxford and Pocket Guide. A companion book to „100 views of Oxford“. Oxford Alfred Savage Ltd. s.d. lib.d.F6/34; 21105

77.7.35 13897

Art and Socialism: a Lecture delivered [January 23rd, 1884] before the Secular Society of Leicester, by William Morris. William Morris London Leek 1884 Leek Bijou Reprint number VII lib.d.F6/35; 21106

77.7.36 13898

Sussex by Ian Nairn and Nikolaus Pevsner. Ian Nairn; Nikolaus Pevsner Harmondsworth Penguin Books 1965 The buildings of England lib.d.F6/36; 21107

77.7.37 13899

Speculum Britanniae discription of Middlesex (1593). John Norden Amsterdam & New York Da Capo Press Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. 1971 The English Experience: its record in early printed books published in facsimile no.402 lib.d.F6/37; 21108

77.7.38 13900

Speculi Britaniae The description of Hartfordshire (1598). John Norden Amsterdam & New York Da Capo Press Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. 1971 The English Experience: its record in early printed books published in facsimile no.403 lib.d.F6/38; 21109

77.7.39 13901

Town, city & nation: England 1850-1914. P.J. Waller Amsterdam & New YorkOxford & New York Oxford University Press 1983 OPUS lib.d.F6/39; 21110

77.7.40 13902

The Life of Nelson by Robert Southey. Vol. I [- II]. With biographical introduction by Hannaford Bennett. Robert Southey; Hannaford Bennett London John Long Ltd. 1923 Carlton Classics 2 v. lib.d.F6/40; 21111

77.7.41 13903

A little gallery of Reynolds. London Methuen & Co 1904 lib.d.F6/41; 21112

77.7.42 13904

A little gallery of Romney. London Methuen & Co 1903 lib.d.F6/42; 21113

77.7.43 13905

John Constable. Übertragung aus dem Englischen: Else v. Hollander-Lossow. Phoebe Pool; Else v. (trans.) Hollander-Lossow Berlin & München Gebrüder Weiss Verlag Lebendiges Wissen 1963 Humboldt Kunstreihe 316 lib.d.F6/43; 21114

77.7.44 13906

Turner. Giusepe. Gatt Firenze Sadea/Sansoni 1967 I diamanti dell‘arte 33 lib.d.F6/44; 21115

77.7.45 13907

Sir Edward Burne-Jones by Malcolm Bell. Malcolm Bell London George Bell & Sons 1902 Bell‘s Miniature Series of Painters lib.d.F6/45; 21116

77.7.46 13908

William Blake‘s Doctrine of Job by S. Foster Damon. S. Foster Damon s.l. s.e. 1948 lib.d.F6/46; 21117

77.7.47 13909

An accurate Description and History of the Cathedral and Metropolitical Chirch of St. Peter, York, From it‘s [sic] first Foundation to the present Year. Illustrated with copper-plates, consisiting of different Views, Plans, &c. and Translations of all the Latin Epitaphs. To which are added, Catalogues of the Archbishops, Deans, Sub-Deans, Chancellors, Treasurers, Precentors, and Succentors. York; York Printed by A. Ward; For T. Wilson, C. Etherington, W. Tesseyman, J. Todd and H. Sotheran, and D. Peck 1768 lib.d.F6/47; 21118