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78.1.1 14047

The history and antiquities of the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster: including Notices and Biographical Memoirs of the abbots and deans of that foundation. Illustrated by John Preston Neale. The Whole of the Literary Department by Edward Wedlake Brayley. In two volumes. Vol. I [- II]. Edward Wedlake Brayley; John Preston Neale London printed for Hurst, Robinson & Co. 1823 2 v. lib.d.G0/01; 21256

78.1.2 14048

A series of Ancient baptismal fonts chronologically arranged. Drawn by F. Simpson Jun.; engraved by R. Roberts. London Septimus Prowett 1828 lib.d.G0/03; 21258

78.1.3 14049

"Präraffaeliten. Ausstellung: Baden-Baden, Staatliche Kunsthalle, 23.11.1973 - 24.2.1974." Baden-Baden; Stuttgart Staatliche Kunsthalle; Cantz 1973 lib.d.G0/04; 21259

78.1.4 14050

Pittori inglesi di Giuseppe Argentieri; con 41 illustrazioni in nero nel testo e 48 tavole a colori. Giuseppe Argentieri Milano Mondadori 1964 lib.d.G0/05; 21260

78.1.5 14051

The artist and the country house: a history of country house and garden view painting in Britain 1540-1870. John Harris London Sotheby Parke Bernet 1979 lib.d.G0/06; 21261

78.1.6 14052

George Smith‘s collection of designs for household furniture and interior decoration; with a new index to the 158 plates. Introduction by Constance V. Hershey. Charles F. Montgomery and Benno M. Forman, editors. George Smith; Constance V. Hershey; Charles F. Montgomery; Benno M. Forman New York, Washington & London Praeger 1970 Praeger reprints on arts, crafts and trades lib.d.G0/07; 21262

78.1.7 14053

Nollekens and his times And Memoirs of contemporary artists form the time of Roubiliac Hogarth and Reynolds to that of Fuseli Flaxman and Blake by John Thomas; edited and annotated by Wilfred Whitten. With eighty-five illustrations. Vol. I [- II]. John Thomas; Wilfred Whitten London; New York John Lane The Bodley Head; John Lane Company 1917 2 v. lib.d.G0/08; 21263

78.1.8 14054

Rowlandson: a new interpretation. Ronald Paulson New York Oxford University Press 1972 lib.d.G0/09; 21264

78.1.9 14055

"Daniel Maclise 1806-1870. Ausstellung: London, National Portrait gallery, 3.3. - 16.4.1972; Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland, 5.5. - 18.6.1972." London Arts Council 1972 damage lib.d.G0/10; 21265

78.1.10 14056

The Gambier-Parry collection: provisional catalogue 1967. London Courtauld Institute of Art 1967 lib.d.G0/11; 21266

78.1.11 14057

The Wellington Museum, Apsley House. A guide by C.H. Gibbs-Smith and H.V.T. Percival. C.H. Gibbs-Smith; H.V.T. Percival London HMSO 1974 lib.d.G0/12; 21267

78.1.12 14058

A general guide to the Wallace Collection. London Wallace Collection 1969 lib.d.G0/13; 21268

78.1.13 14059

Catalogue of the Lee Collection. London Courtauld Institute of Art 1967, © 1958 lib.d.G0/14; 21269

78.1.14 14060

Wallace Collection catalogues: Pictures and drawings. Text with historical notes and illustrations. Sixteenth edition. London Wallace Collection 1968 lib.d.G0/15; 21270

78.1.15 14061

I Preraffaelliti: Storia popolare della pittura italiana dalle origini alla fine del 1400. Con 24 incisioni. A. Braschi Milano, Roma & Napoli Antonio Vallardi 1910 Biblioteca popolare di coltura 7 lib.d.G0/16; 21271

78.1.16 14062

William Holman Hunt Von O. v. Schleinitz. Mit 141 Abbildungen nach Gemälden und Zeichnungen. O. v. Schleinitz Bielefeld & Leipzig Verlag von Velhagen & Klasing 1907 Künstler-Monographien LXXXVIII lib.d.G0/17; 21272

78.1.17 14063

The letters of Aubrey Beardsley. Edited by Henry Maas, J.L. Duncan and W.G. Good. Aubrey Beardsley; Henry Maas; J.L. Duncan; W.G. Good Rutherford, Madison & Teaneck Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 1970 lib.d.G0/18; 21273

78.1.18 14064

The life and letters of Sir John Everett Millais President of the Royal Academy by his son John Guille Millais. With 319 illustrations including nine photogravures. Vol. I [- II]. John Everett Millais; John Guille Millais London Methuen & Co. 1899 2 v. lib.d.G0/19; 21274

78.1.19 14065

Houses of the Welsh countryside: a study in historical geography. Peter Smith; Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales London HMSO 1975 lib.d.G0/20; 21275

78.1.20 14066

Visionary and dreamer. Two poetic painters: Samuel Palmer and Edward Burne-Jones. The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1966. The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. David Cecil Princeton (N.J.) Princeton University Press 1966 Bollingen Series XXXV 15 lib.d.G0/21; 21276