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78.2.1 13404

Edinburgh; by John Gifford, Colin McWilliam and David Walker. Medieval buildings by Christopher Wilson. John Gifford; Colin McWilliam; David Walker; Christopher Wilson Harmondsworth Penguin Books 1984 The buildings of Scotland lib.d.G1/01; 20601

78.2.2 13405

Georgian Edinburgh [by] Ian G. Lindsay. Revised by David Walker. Ian G. Lindsay; David Walker Edinburgh & London Scottish Academic Press 1973 lib.d.G1/02; 20602

78.2.3 13406

Glasgow; by Elizabeth Williamson, Anne Riches and Malcolm Higgs. Elizabeth Williamson; Anne Riches; Malcolm Higgs Harmondsworth Penguin Books 1990 The buildings of Scotland lib.d.G1/03; 20603

78.2.4 13407

The making of classical Edinburgh 1750-1840. A.J. Youngson Edinburgh at the University Press 1993, © 1966 lib.d.G1/04; 20604

78.2.5 13408

The classical country house in Scotland 1660-1800. James Macaulay London & Boston Faber and Faber 1987 lib.d.G1/05; 20605

78.2.6 13409

Thomas Hamilton architect 1784-1858. Joe Rock s.l. s.e. 1984 lib.d.G1/06; 20606

78.2.7 13410

George Walton: designer and architect. Karen Moon London White Cockade Publishing 1993 lib.d.G1/07; 20607

78.2.8 13411

"Schottland: Edinburgh, Glasgow. ETH Zürich, Lehrstuhl Oechslin, Seminarwoche 29.5. - 4.6.1994." dactyl. lib.d.G1/08; 20608

78.2.9 13412

The diaries and travels of Lord John Hope 1722-1727. Hopetoun Resarch Group dactyl. Occasional papers No.1 lib.d.G1/09; 20609

78.2.10 13413

Wives and children of the 1st and 2nd Earls of Hopetoun. Hopetoun Resarch Group dactyl. Occasional papers No.3 lib.d.G1/10; 20610

78.2.11 13414

"The building of Hopetoun; by Alistair Rowan. Reprinted from Design and Practice in British architecture: Studies in architectural history presented to Howard Colvin, Architectural History, Volume 27, 1984." Alistair Rowan s.l. s.e. 1984 lib.d.G1/11; 20611

78.2.12 13415

Hopetoun House. Derby Pilgrim Press 1990 lib.d.G1/12; 20612

78.2.13 13416

"The Alexander Thomson Society Newsletter. N.10, May 1994." Glasgow The Alexander Thomson Society 1994 lib.d.G1/13; 20613

78.2.14 13417

British Institution for promoting the fine arts in the United Kingdom. Founded, June 4, 1805, opened, January 18, 1806. London printed by William Nicol 1834 lib.d.G1/14; 20614

78.2.15 13418

The exhibition of the Royal Academy. MDCCCXXXIV. The sixty-sixth. London printed by W. Clowes 1834 lib.d.G1/15; 20615

78.2.16 13419

Catalogue. Miss Linwood‘s exhibition, Leicester Square. London printed by J. Rider s.d. lib.d.G1/16; 20616

78.2.17 13420

Catalogue of the portraits of distinguished naval commanders and representations of their warlike achievements exhibited in the Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospital. London printed by William Clowes s.d. [1834] lib.d.G1/17; 20617

78.2.18 13421

A dictionary of painters from the revival of the art to the present period; by the Rev. M. Pilkington. A new edition, with considerable additions, an appendix, and an index; by Henry Fuseli, R.A. M. Pilkington; Henry Fuseli London printed for J. Walker etc. 1810 lib.d.G1/18; 20618

78.2.19 13422

A descriptive and historical account of various palaces, and public buildings, English and foreign. With biographical notices of their founders or builders, and other eminent persons. By James Norris Brewer. James Norris Brewer London printed for W.H. Wyatt 1810 j.C2/11 former position lib.d.G1/19; 20619

78.2.20 13423

The gentleman‘s and connoisseur‘s dictionary of painters. Containing A complete Collection, and Account, of the most distinguished Artists, who have flourished in the Art of Painting, at Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, and other Cities of Italy; in Holland, Flanders, England, Germany, or France; from the Year 1250, when the Art of Painting was revived by Cimabue, to the Year 1767; including above Five hundred Years, and the Number of Artists amounting to near One thousand Four hundred. Extracted from the most authentic Writers who have treated on the Subject of Painting, in Latin, Italian, Spanish, English, French, and Low Dutch. To which are added, two catalogues; The One, a Catalogue of the Disciples of the most famous Masters; for the Use of those, who desire to obtain a critical Knowledge of the different Hands, and Manners, of the different Schools. - The other, a Catalogue of those Painters, who imitated the Works of the eminent Masters so exactly, as to have their Copies frequently mistaken for Originals. The whole Bein digested in a more easy and instructive Method, than hath hitherto appeared; and calculated for general Entertainment and Instruction, as well as for the particular Use of the Admirers and Professors of the Art of Painting. by the Rev. M. Pilkington. M. Pilkington London Printed for T. Cadell 1770 lib.d.G1/20; 20620

78.2.21 13424

A biographical and critical dictionary of painters and engravers, from the revival of the art under Cimabue, and the alledged discovery of engraving by Finiguerra, to the present time: with the ciphers, monograms, and marks, used by each engraver; and an ample list of their principal works. Together with two indexes, alphabetical and chronological. To which is prefixed, an introduction, containing A Brief Account of the Painters of Antiquity. By Michael Bryan. In two volumes. Volume I [- II]. Michael Bryan London; London; London printed for Carpenter and Son; printed for J. Booker; printed for Whittingham and Arliss 1816 1 v. of 2 lib.d.G1/21; 20621

78.2.22 13425

The lakes of Scotland: a series of views, from paintings taken expressly for the work. By John Fleming, engraved by Joseph Swan, with historical & descriptive illustrations. By John M. Leighton. John Fleming; Joseph Swan; John M. Leighton Glasgow; London; London Joseph Swan; Moon, Boys & Graves; Longman, rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman 1834 lib.d.G1/22; 20622

78.2.23 13426

"Patrons and Painters: art in Scotland 1650-1760. Ausstellung: Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 17.7. - 8.10.1989." James Holloway Edinburgh Scottish National Portrait Gallery 1989 lib.d.G2/01; 20623