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78.5.1 13448

Memoirs of the life and administration of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. With original correspondence and authentic papaers, never before published. In three volumes. Volume the first [- the third]. By William Coxe. William Coxe London Printed for T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies 1798 3 v. lib.d.G4/01; 20645

78.5.2 13449

The Holland House circle; by Lloyd Sanders. Lloyd Sanders New York & London Benjamin Blom 1969 1st edition 1908 lib.d.G4/02; 20646

78.5.3 13450

The theatres of Inigo Jones and John Webb. John Orrell Cambridge, London, New York, New Rochelle, Melbourne & Sydney Cambridge University Press 1985 lib.d.G4/03; 20647

78.5.4 13451

The cathedral church of Winchester: a description of its fabric and a brief history of the episcopal see; by Philip W. Sergeant. With fifty illustrations. Philip W. Sergeant London George Bell & Sons 1903 lib.d.G4/04; 20648

78.5.5 13452

On painting and drawing. With a new introduction by Charles Movalli. William Morris Hunt; Charles (intr.) Movalli New York Dover Publications, Inc. 1976 lib.d.G4/05; 20649

78.5.6 13453

Memoirs of the life of John Constable Esq., R.A. Composed chiefly of his letters by C.R. Leslie, R.A. With an introduction by Benedict Nicolson. C.R. Leslie; Benedict (intr.) Nicolson London John Lehmann 1949 lib.d.G4/06; 20650

78.5.7 13454

A little gallery of Hoppner. London Methuen & Co. 1903 lib.d.G4/07; 20651

78.5.8 13455

Gavin Hamilton 1723-1798; by Julia Lloyd Williams. Julia Lloyd Williams Edinburgh National Galleries of Scotland 1994 Scottish Masters 18 lib.d.G4/08; 20652

78.5.9 13456

"Lady Hamilton in relation to the art of her time. An exhibition organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Greater London Council at the Iveagh Bequest, London, 18.7. - 16.10.1972." Patricia Jaffé London Arts Council of Great Britain 1972 lib.d.G4/09; 20653

78.5.10 13457

The pre-raphaelites in context [by] Malcolm Warner et al. Malcolm Warner; et al. San Marino (Ca.) Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery 1992 lib.d.G4/10; 20654

78.5.11 13458

Lectures on the affinity of painting with the other fine arts by Samuel F.B. Morse. Edited with an introduction by Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr. Samuel F.B. Morse; Nicolai, Jr. (ed.) Cikovsky Columbia & London University of Missouri Press 1983 lib.d.G4/11; 20655

78.5.12 13459

Art thought: the experiences and observations of an American amateur in Europe; by James Jackson Jarves. James Jackson Jarves New York; Cambridge Hurd and Houghton; Riverside Press 1870 lib.d.G4/12; 20656

78.5.13 13460

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: an illustrated memorial of his art and life by H.C. Marillier. Third edition abridged and revised. H.C. Marillier London George Bell & Sons 1904 lib.d.G4/13; 20657

78.5.14 13461

Poems by Alfred Tennyson, poet laureate. With illustrations by Millais, Stanfield, Creswick, Mulready, Horsley, etc. etc. New edition. Alfred Tennyson London; New York Routledge, Warne, and Routledge; Routledge, Warne, and Routledge 1864 lib.d.G4/14; 20658

78.5.15 13462

The English medieval parish church. With 180 photographs and 54 plans. G.H. Cook London J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. 1970 lib.d.G4/15; 20659

78.5.16 13463

Seventeenth-Century Interior Decoration in England, France and Holland. Peter Thornton New Haven & London for the Paul Mellon Centre by Yale University Press 1990, © 1978 4th printing lib.d.G4/17; 20661

78.5.17 13464

Roubiliac and the eighteenth-century monument: sculpture as theatre. David Bindman; Malcolm Baker New Haven & London for the Paul Mellon Centre by Yale University Press 1995 lib.d.G4/18; 20662

78.5.18 13465

A pictorial guide to Canterbury Cathedral. Edited by Charles Willett. Charles (ed.) Willett Margate Charles Willett & Co. s.d. lib.d.G4/19; 20663

78.5.19 13466

Cheltenham Spa: the centre for the Cotswolds, the Wye and Severn valleys and Shakespeare country. s.l. s.e. s.d. lib.d.G4/20; 20664

78.5.20 13467

Short list 22: a further selection of printed work by Claud Lovat Fraser. Warrack & Perkins Church Enstone Warrack & Perkins s.d. lib.d.G4/21; 20665

78.5.21 13468

"Quarterly Bulletin of the Irish Georgian Society. Vol. XIII, No.4, October-December 1970." Castletown, Celbridge Irish Georgian Society 1970 lib.d.G4/22; 20666

78.5.22 13469

Gloucester Cathedral: a short account of its history and architecture for the use of visitors. Illustrated. Gloucester The British Publishing Company Limited s.d. lib.d.G4/23; 20667

78.5.23 13470

A short guide to the Temple Church, London. Oxford University Press s.d. lib.d.G4/24; 20668

78.5.24 13471

The pictorial history of Tewkesbury Abbey, Abbey of the Blessed Virgin Mary. By the Rev. Canon Brian Purefoy. Brian Purefoy London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. s.d. Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/25; 20669

78.5.25 13472

The pictorial history of Canterbury Cathedral, the mother church of English Christendom. By Canon John Shirley. John Shirley London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1962 Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/26; 20670

78.5.26 13473

The pictorial history of Hereford Cathedral, the Cathedral church of St. Mary and St. Ethelbert in Hereford. By the Very Rev. H.R. Burrows. H.R. Burrows London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. s.d. Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/27; 20671

78.5.27 13474

The pictorial history of Southwark Cathedral, the Collegiate and Cathedral church of St. Saviour and St. Mary Overie. By Brian Tunstall. Brian Tunstall London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. s.d. Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/28; 20672

78.5.28 13475

The pictorial history of Salisbury Cathedral, consecrated A.D. 1258. By Canon A.F. Smethurst. A.F. Smethurst London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1962 Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/29; 20673

78.5.29 13476

The pictorial history of Winchester Cathedral, Cathedral church of the Holy Trinity, St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Swithin. By the Very Rev. N. Sykes. N. Sykes London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1962 Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/30; 20674

78.5.30 13477

The pictorial history of Durham Cathedral. By the Venerable C.J. Stranks. C.J. Stranks London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1966 Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/31; 20675

78.5.31 13478

Illustrierte Geschichte der beiden Kammern des Parlaments. Der Palast von Westmimster. Vicomte Craigavon. Craigavon London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. s.d. Schätze Grossbritanniens lib.d.G4/32; 20676

78.5.32 13479

A pictorial guide to Canterbury Cathedral. Martin S. Briggs London Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. 1967 Pride of Britain lib.d.G4/33; 20677

78.5.33 13480

The Alban Guide. The Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban and its surroundings. Twenty-second edition. St. Albans H.A. Richardson Ltd. 1962 lib.d.G4/34; 20678

78.5.34 13481

An answer To the latter Part of Lord Bolingbroke‘s Letters on the Study of History. By the late Lord Walpole of Woolterton. In a Series of Letters to a Noble Lord. Part I. and II. Walpole London Printed by W. Richardon and S. Clark 1762 lib.d.G4/35; 20679

78.5.35 13482

Aedes Walpolianae: or, a description of the Collection of Pictures at Houghton-Hall in Norfolk, The Seat of the Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. The Second Edition with Additions. Horace Walpole London Printed by John Hughs 1752 lib.d.G4/36; 20680

78.5.36 13483

"A catalogue of the classic contents of Strawberry Hill collected by Horace Walpole. To be sold by George Robins, 25 April 1842 and 23 following days." Horace Walpole London Smith and Robins printers 1842 lib.d.G4/37; 20681

78.5.37 13484

Journal of the printing-office at Strawberry Hill. Now first printed from the MS. of Horace Walpole. With notes by Paget Toynbee. Horace Walpole; Paget Toynbee London; London; London Printed at the Chiswick Press; for Constable and Company; and Houghton Mifflin Company 1923 lib.d.G4/38; 20682

78.5.38 13485

Horace Walpole. The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1960. The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis Princeton (N.J.) Princeton University Press 1961, © 1960 Bollingen Series XXXV 9 lib.d.G4/39; 20683

78.5.39 13486

Horace Walpole: a memoir, with an appendix of books printed at the Strawberry Hill Press by Austin Dobson, with illustrations by Percy and Léon Moran. Austin Dobson New York Dodd, Mead & Company 1890 lib.d.G4/40; 20684

78.5.40 13487

Horace Walpole. The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1960. Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis London Rupert Hart-Davis 1961 lib.d.G4/41; 20685