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78.6.1 13488

Essay on modern gardening by Horace Walpole. With a faithful translation into French by the Duke of Nivernois. A reprint in type facsimile of the edition printed by Mr. Walpole at Strawberry Hill MDCCLXXXV. To which is added an introductory note by Alice Morse Earle. Horace Walpole; duc de Nivernois; Alice Morse Earle Pennsylvania Lewis Buddy III: The Kirgate Press Canton 1904 lib.d.G5/01; 20686

78.6.2 13489

Über die englische Gartenkunst. Übersetzt von August Wilhelm Schlegel. Herausgegeben von Frank Maier-Solgk. Horace Walpole; August Wilhelm (trans.) Schlegel; Frank (ed.) Maier-Solgk Heidelberg Manutius Verlag 1994 lib.d.G5/02; 20687

78.6.3 13490

Strawberry Hill: Horace Walpole und die Ästhetik der schönen Unregelmassigkeit. Norbert Miller München & Wien Carl Hanser 1986 Edition Akzente lib.d.G5/03; 20688

78.6.4 13491

Prefaces, biographical and critical, to the works of the English poets. By Samuel Johnson. Volume the second [- fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth, thirteenth]. Samuel Johnson London Printed by J. Nichols 1779 8 v. of ?? lib.d.G5/04; 20689

78.6.5 13492

Boswell‘s Life of Dr. Johnson and Journal of a tour to the Hebrides. In ten volumes with a bibliographical introduction by Clement Shorter. The Temple Bar edition. James Boswell New York Printed for Gabriel Wells by Doubleday, Page and Company 1922 10 v. lib.d.G5/05; 20690

78.6.6 13493

New light on Boswell: critical and historical essays on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Life of Johnson. Edited by Greg Clingham, with an introduction by David Daiches. Greg (ed.) Clingham; David (intr.) Daiches Cambridge, New York & Melbourne Cambridge University Press 1993, © 1991 lib.d.G5/06; 20691

78.6.7 13494

The Intelligencer. Edited by James Woolley. Jonathan Swift; Thomas Sheridan; James (ed.) Woolley Oxford Clarendon Press 1992 lib.d.G5/07; 20692

78.6.8 13495

The Tatler. Volume the third [- fourth]. London Printed by H. Goldney 1789 2 v. of ?? lib.d.G5/08; 20693

78.6.9 13496

Reise eines Gallo-Amerikaners (M. Simond‘s) durch Grossbritannien in den Jahren 1810-1811. In zwei Theilen. Deutsch herausgegeben von Ludwig Schlosser. Erster [- Zweiter] Theil. M. Simond; Ludwig (ed.) Schlosser Leipzig & Altenburg F.A. Brockhaus 1817-1818 2 v. lib.d.G5/09; 20694