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79.3.1 13528

Henrici Newton sivè de nova villa, Epistolae, orationes, et carmina. Henricus Newton Lucae Typis Dominici Ciuffetti 1710 lib.d.H2/01; 20736

79.3.2 13529

Sculptura; or, the History and Art of chalcography, and Engraving in Copper: with an ample Enumeration of the most renowned masters and their works. To which is annexed, A New Manner of Engraving, or Mezzotinto, Communicated by His Highness Prince Rupert to the Author of this Treatise, John Evelyn, Esq; The second edition. Containing some Corrections and Additions taken from the Margin of the Author‘s printed Copy; an Etching of his Head, by Mr. Worlidge; an exact Copy of the Mezzotinto, done by Prince Rupert, by Mr. Houston; a Translation of all the Greek and Latin Passages; and Memoirs of the Author‘s Life. John Evelyn London Printed for J. Murray 1769 lib.d.H2/02; 20737

79.3.3 13530

Evelyn‘s Sculptura; with the unpublished Second Part. Edited by C.F. Bell. John Evelyn; C.F. (ed.) Bell Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1906 lib.d.H2/03; 20738

79.3.4 13531

The works of Thomas Gray. Volume I [- V]. Edited by the Rev. John Mitford. Thomas Gray; John (ed.) Mitford London William Pickering 1835-1843 5 v. lib.d.H2/04; 20739

79.3.5 13532

Memoirs of the Life and Ministerial Conduct, with Some free remarks on the political writings, Of the Late Lord Visc. Bolingbroke. London Printed for R. Baldwin 1752 5 v. lib.d.H2/05; 20740

79.3.6 13533

The Landscape Annual 1832 [- 1833]. London Jennings and Chaplin 1832-1833 2 v. lib.d.H2/06; 20741

79.3.7 13534

The poems of Ossian, translated by James Macpherson, Esq. With dissertations on the aera and poems of Ossian: and Dr. Blair‘s critical dissertation. Ossian; James Macpherson; Blair Leipzig Bernhard Tauchnitz 1847 lib.d.H2/07; 20742

79.3.8 13535

The Holy Grail and other Poems By Alfred Tennyson, poet laureate. Alfred Tennyson London Strahan and Co. 1870 lib.d.H2/08; 20743

79.3.9 13536

Views of North Devon. Ilfracombe J. Banfield s.d. lib.d.H2/09; 20744

79.3.10 13537

Essays on historical truth. By Andrew Bisset. Andrew Bisset London Longmans, Green & Co. 1871 lib.d.H2/10; 20745