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79.4.1 13538

A catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland; with lists of their works: by the late Horatio Walpole, Earl of Orford. Enlarged and continued to the present time, by Thomas Park. Vol. I [- V]. Horace Walpole; Thomas Park London printed for John Scott 1806 5 v. lib.d.H3/01; 20746

79.4.2 13539

The antiquities of St. Peters, or the abbey church of Westminster: containing All the inscriptions, epitaphs, &c. upon the Tombs and Grave-Stones; with the Lives, Marriages, and Issue, of the most Eminent Personages therein reposited; and their Coats of Arms truly Emblazon‘d. By J.C. London; London printed by J.N.; sold by John Morphew 1711 lib.d.H3/02; 20747

79.4.3 13540

The life of Richard Nash, of Bath, Esq; Extracted principally from his original papers. London; Bath printed for J. Newbery; printed for W. Fredrick 1762 lib.d.H3/03; 20748

79.4.4 13541

Picturesque antiquities of Scotland, etched by Adam de Cardonnel. Adam de Cardonnel London; London; Halifax printed for the author; sold by Edwards; Edwards‘s 1788 lib.d.H3/04; 20749

79.4.5 13542

The archaeological album; or, museum of national antiquities. Edited by Thomas Wright. The illustrations by F.W. Fairholt. Thomas Wright; F.W. (ill.) Fairholt London Chapman and Hall 1845 lib.d.H3/05; 20750

79.4.6 13543

The castle of Otranto, a gothic story. Translated by William Marshall from the original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto. The sixth edition. Horace Walpole; Onuphrio Muralto; William Marshall Parma; London printed by Bodoni; for J. Edwards 1791 lib.d.H3/06; 20751

79.4.7 13544

The mysteries of Udolpho: a romance. By Mrs. Ann Radcliffe. With critical remarks, and a memoir of the author. Embellished with numerous engravings on wood. Ann Radcliffe London printed for J. Limbird 1824 lib.d.H3/07; 20752

79.4.8 13545

Die Gedichte Ossian‘s. Aus dem Gälischen von Christian Wilhelm Ahlwardt. Erster [- Dritter] Band. Ossian Leipzig Bei Georg Joachim Göschen 1839 3 t. in 1 v. lib.d.H3/08; 20753