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79.6.1 13557

The lives Of those eminent Antiquaries John Leland, Thomas Hearne, and Anthony à Wood; with An authentick Account of their respective Writings and Publications, from original papers. In which are occasionally inserted, Memoirs relating to many eminent Persons, and various Parts of Literature. Alos, Several Engravings of Antiquity, never before published. In two volumes. Vol. I [- II]. Oxford; Oxford; Eton College Printed at the Clarendon Press; for J. and J. Fletcher; for Joseph Pote 1772 2 v. lib.d.H5/01; 20765

79.6.2 13558

Archaeologia: or miscellaneous tracts, relating to antiquity. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. Vol. I [- IX, X, XI, XIII, XIV, XV]. Society of Antiquaries of London London; London Sold at the House of the Society; and by Whiston, White, Robson, Baker and Leigh, Brown 1770-1806 7 v. lib.d.H5/02; 20766