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79.8.1 13566

The national gallery of pictures by the great masters; purchased by Parliament for the nation, (or presented by individuals,) At present exhibiting to the Public, free of Expense, in Pall Mall: but for the reception of which a splendid and suitable edifice is to be erected, at the national expense, A Sum having lately been granted for that purpose by Parliament. s.l. [London] s.e. s.d. 4 v. lib.d.H7/01; 20775

79.8.2 13567

A description of the collection of ancient terracottas in the British Museum; with engravings. London; London; London Printed by W. Bulmer and Co.; Sold at the British Museum; and by G. and W. Nicol 1810 7 t. in 2 v. lib.d.H7/02; 20776

79.8.3 13568

"Vases & volcanoes: Sir William Hamilton and his collection. Ausstellung: British Library, London, 1996." Ian Jenkins; Kim Sloan London British Museum 1996 lib.d.H7/03; 20777

79.8.4 13569

Gainsborough. Milano Fratelli Fabbri 1965 I maestri del colore 108 lib.d.H7/04; 20778

79.8.5 13570

"Designs for English sculpture 1680-1860. Ausstellung: London, Victoria & Albert Museum, 1966." John Physick London HMSO 1969 lib.d.H7/05; 20779

79.8.6 13571

The drawings of Paul and Thomas Sandby in the collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castel by A.P. Oppé. A.P. Oppé Oxford & London Phaidon 1947 lib.d.H7/06; 20780

79.8.7 13572

Calvert Vaux: architect and planner; with an introduction by George B. Tatum. William Alex; George B. (intr.) Tatum New York Ink, Inc. 1994 lib.d.H7/07; 20781

79.8.8 13573

Sammelband. John Briton 2 t. in 1 v. lib.d.H7/08; 20782

79.8.9 13574

"Millennial Desire and the apocalyptic vsion of Washington Allston. New directions in American Art." David Bjelajac Washington D.C. Smithsonian Institution Press 1988 lib.d.H7/09; 20783