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80.1.1 14078

Sculpture in England: Renaissance to early XIX century; by H.D. Molesworth. H.D. Molesworth London, New York & Toronto Longmans, Green and Co. for the British Council 1951 lib.d.I0/01; 21288

80.1.2 14079

"Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the double work of art. Ausstellung: Yale University Art Gallery, 23.9. - 14.11.1976." Marian Wynn Ainsworth New Haven Yale University Art Gallery 1976 lib.d.I0/02; 21289

80.1.3 14080

D.G. Rossetti; introduction by Susan Miller. Marina Henderson; Susan (intr.) Miller London; New York Academy Editions; St. Martin‘s Press 1973 lib.d.I0/03; 21290

80.1.4 14081

William Henry Bartlett: artist, author, and traveller. Containing a reprint of Dr William Beattie‘s Brief Memoir of the late William Henry Bartlett. Alexander M. Ross; William Beattie Toronto & Buffalo University of Toronto Press 1973 lib.d.I0/04; 21291

80.1.5 14082

Red House Bexleyheath 1859; architect: Philip Webb. Text: Edward Hollamby; photographs: Charlotte Wood; foreword: Sir Hugh Casson. Edward Hollamby; Charlotte Wood; Hugh Casson London Architecture Design and Technology Press 1991 Architecture in detail lib.d.I0/05; 21292

80.1.6 14083

Royal Scottish Academy; edited by Charles Holme. Charles Holme London, Paris & New York The Studio 1907 lib.d.I0/06; 21293

80.1.7 14084

The Pugin family; by Alexandra Wedgwood; with a contribution by Christopher Wilson. Alexandra Wedgwood; Christopher Wilson Farnborough Gregg International; Teakfield Ltd. 1977 Catalogue of the drawings collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects lib.d.I0/07; 21294

80.1.8 14085

Antonio Visentini; by John McAndrew. John McAndrew Farnborough Gregg International; D.C. Heath Ltd. 1974 Catalogue of the drawings collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects lib.d.I0/08; 21295

80.1.9 14086

John Trumbull: Patriot-Artist of the American Revolution. Irma B. Jaffe New York New York Graphic Society; Little Brown & Co. 1975 lib.d.I0/09; 21296

80.1.10 14087

Drawings by Benjamin West and his son Raphael Lamar West; by Ruth S. Kraemer. Ruth S. Kraemer New York Pierpont Morgan Library 1975 lib.d.I0/10; 21297

80.1.11 14088

Benjamin West: a biography. Robert C. Alberts Boston Houghton Mifflin Company 1978 lib.d.I0/11; 21298

80.1.12 14089

The paintings of Benjamin West. Helmut von Erffa; Allen Staley New Haven & London Yale University Press 1986 Barra Foundation Book lib.d.I0/12; 21299

80.1.13 14090

English Baroque architecture. Kerry Downes London A. Zwemmer Ltd. 1966 lib.d.I0/13; 21300

80.1.14 14091

The ruins of Balbec, otherwise Heliopolis in Coelosyria. (London, 1757). Robert Wood Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I0/14; 21301

80.1.15 14092

B. Farnborough Gregg International; Teakfield Ltd. 1972 Catalogue of the drawings collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects lib.d.I0/15; 21302

80.1.16 14093

"The treasure houses of Britain: five hundred years of private patronage and art collecting. Edited by Gervase Jackson-Stops. Ausstellung: National Gallery of Art, Washington, 3.11.1985 - 16.3.1986." Gervase Jackson-Stops Washington; New Haven & London National Gallery of Art; Yale University Press 1986, © 1985 Third printing lib.d.I0/16; 21303

80.1.17 14094

Craftsmen and interior decoration in England 1660-1820. Geoffrey Beard London Bloomsbury Books 1986, © 1981 lib.d.I0/17; 21304

80.1.18 14095

Pugin studentship drawings being a selection from sketches,measured drawings, and details of domestic and ecclesiastical buildings in England and Scotland drawn while Pugin Travelling Student of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1878, together with na number of the drawings for which the Studentship of that year was awarded. By G. Washington Browne. G. Washington Browne Edinburg David Douglas 1887 lib.d.I0/18; 21305

80.1.19 14096

Irish houses and castles. Desmond Guinness; William Ryan New York Viking Press 1974, © 1971 A Studio book lib.d.I0/19; 21306

80.1.20 14097

Colen Campbell; compiled by John Harris. John Harris Farnborough Gregg International 1973 Catalogue of the drawings collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects lib.d.I0/20; 21307

80.1.21 14098

The antiquities of Athens. Measured and delineated by James Stuart and Nicolas Revett painters and decorators. Volume the first [- third]. (London: printed by John Haberkorn, 1762-94). James Stuart; Nicolas Revett New York Benjamin Blom 1968 reprint; 3 v. lib.d.I0/21; 21308

80.1.22 14099

A civic survey & plan for the city & royal burgh of Edinburgh. Prepared for the town council by Patrick Abercrombie and Derek Plumstead. Patrick Abercrombie; Derek Plumstead Edinburgh & London Oliver and Boyd 1949 lib.d.I0/22; 21309

80.1.23 14100

The institution, Laws & Ceremonies Of the most Noble Order of the Garter. Collected and digested into one Body by Elias Ashmole. Elias Ashmole London Printed by J. Macock for Nathanael Brooke 1672 lib.d.I0/23; 21310

80.1.24 14101

Vitruvius Scoticus. Reproduced in facsimile from the copy in the University of Glasgow Library with an introduction and notes to the plates by James Simpson. William Adam; James (ed.) Simpson Edinburgh Paul Harris Publishing 1980 lib.d.I0/24; 21311

80.1.25 14102

"Country Life. Vol.XXVI, No.652-670, July-November 1909." London "Country Life " 1909 lib.d.I0/25; 21312