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80.3.1 10053

The Stones of Venice. Volume the First [ - the Third]. By John Ruskin. With illustrations. John Ruskin New York John W. Lovell Company s.d. 3 v. lib.d.I2/01; 14719

80.3.2 10054

The seven lamps of architecture. By John Ruskin. With illustrations, drawn and etched by the author. John Ruskin London Smith, Elder & Company 1849 lib.d.I2/02; 14720

80.3.3 10055

Modern painters. Volume I [- V]. ... By a graduate of Oxford. John Ruskin London Smith, Elder & Company 1846-1860 5 v. lib.d.I2/03; 14721

80.3.4 10056

The Ruskin family letters: the correspondencs of John James Ruskin, his wife, and their son, John, 1801-1843. Volume I [- II] ... Edited by Van Akin Burd. John Ruskin; Van Akin (ed.) Burd Ithaca and London Cornell University Press 1973 2 v. in case lib.d.I2/04; 14722

80.3.5 10057

Giotto and his works in Padua: being an explanatory notice of the series of woodcuts executed for the Arundel Society after the frescoes in the Arena Chapel. By John Ruskin. John Ruskin London; London Printed for the Arundel Society; Printed by Levey, Robson, and Franklyn 1854 lib.d.I2/05; 14723

80.3.6 10058

On the Nature of Gothic architecture: and herein of the true functions of the workman in art. By John Ruskin, Esq. John Ruskin London Published by Smith, Elder & Co. 1854 lib.d.I2/06; 14724

80.3.7 10059

"Drawings of John Ruskin (1819-1900). An exhibition organized by Gail S. Weinberg. Ausstellung: Fogg Art Museum and Widener Room Rotunda, Widener Library, Harvard University, January 19 - March 4 1979." Gail S. Weinberg Cambridge (Mass.) Harvard University 1979 lib.d.I2/07; 14725

80.3.8 10060

On the nature of Gothic. Notices et notes par Georges Roth. John Ruskin; Georges Roth Paris Librairie A. Hatier 1942 Les classiques pour tous No.224 lib.d.I2/08; 14726

80.3.9 10061

John und Effie Ruskin: Briefe aus Venedig. Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Kemp. Aus dem Englischen von Catharina Berents. John Ruskin; Effie Ruskin; Wolfgang (ed.) Kemp; Catharina (trans.) Berents Stuttgart Hatje 1995 Korrespondenzen. Herausgegeben von Hannelore Schlaffer und Heinz Schlaffer 9 lib.d.I2/09; 14727

80.3.10 10062

John Ruskin: Letters written on the occasion of the Centenary of his Birth 1919. Edited by John Howard Whitehouse. With an unpublished portrait of Ruskin drawn by himself. Oxford Printed at the University Press for the Ruskin Centenary Council 1919 lib.d.I2/10; 14728

80.3.11 10063

John Ruskin & William Morris: the energies of order and love. David Gerard London Nine Elms Press 1988 lib.d.I2/11; 14729

80.3.12 10064

Fünf Vorlesungen über die Beziehungen zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft von John Ruskin. Herausgegeben von Dr. S. Sänger. John Ruskin; S. (ed.) Sänger Strassburg J.H.Ed. Heitz ( Heitz und Mündel) 1901 Date from Vorwort lib.d.I2/12; 14730

80.3.13 10065

Verona and other lectures by John Ruskin. With illustrations from drawings by the author. John Ruskin Orpington & London George Allen 1894 lib.d.I2/13; 14731

80.3.14 10066

Verona and other lectures by John Ruskin. With illustrations from drawings by the author. John Ruskin Orpington & London George Allen 1894 Large-paper copy lib.d.I2/14; 14732

80.3.15 10067

The elements of perspective arranged for the use of schools, and intended to be read in connexion with the first three books of Euclid. By John Ruskin. John Ruskin New York John Wiley & Son 1871 lib.d.I2/15; 14733

80.3.16 10068

Hvad Venedigs stenar Lära. Tankar om arkitekturens förfall af John Ruskin alla vänner af ädel byggnadskonst tillägnade. Öfversättning från Engelskan af O.H. Dumrath. John Ruskin; O.H. (trans.) Dumrath Stockholm Ferd. Hey‘ls förlag 1900 lib.d.I2/16; 14734

80.3.17 10069

Gotikens natur tankar om arbetets höjande genom konsten af John Ruskin. Öfversättning från Engelskan af Sophie Forssner. John Ruskin; Sophie (trans.) Forssner Stockholm Hugo Gebers förlag 1905 lib.d.I2/17; 14735

80.3.18 10070

The seven lamps of architecture. By John Ruskin. John Ruskin New York John Wiley & Sons 1880 lib.d.I2/18; 14736

80.3.19 10071

The stones of Venice. The foundations. By John Ruskin, with illustrations drawn by the author. John Ruskin New York John Wiley 1851 lib.d.I2/19; 14737

80.3.20 10072

A pot of paint: aesthetics on trial in Whistler v. Ruskin. Linda Merrill Washington & London Smithsonian Institution Press in conjunction with the Freer Gallery 1992 lib.d.I2/20; 14738

80.3.21 10073

The elements of drawing. Illustrated edition with notes by Bernard Dunstan. John Ruskin; Bernard (ed.) Dunstan London Herbert Press 1991 lib.d.I2/21; 14739