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80.4.1 13575

"William Morris by himself: Designs and writings. Edited by Gillian Naylor. A New York Graphic Society book." William Morris; Gillian (ed.) Naylor Boston Little, Brown and Company 1988 lib.d.I3/01; 20784

80.4.2 13576

William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and the Kelmscott Chaucer. Duncan Robinson s.l. Moyer Bell Ltd. 1986 1st edition: London: Gordon Fraser Gallery, 1982 lib.d.I3/02; 20785

80.4.3 13577

The earthly paradise: a poem. By William Morris. William Morris London F.S. Ellis 1870 3 v. lib.d.I3/03; 20786

80.4.4 13578

William Morris: Dreamer of dreams. Revised and edited by David Gerard. Jack Lindsay; David (ed.) Gerard London Nine Elms Press 1991 lib.d.I3/04; 20787

80.4.5 13579

William Morris: wie wir leben und wie wir leben könnten: vier Essays. Mit einer Einführung versehen übersetzt und herausgegeben von Hans Christian Kirsch. William Morris; Hans Christian (ed.) Kirsch Köln Eugen Diederichs Verlag 1983 Diederichs Kabinett lib.d.I3/05; 20788

80.4.6 13580

William Morris: romantic to revolutionary. E.P. Thompson London Merlin Press 1977 lib.d.I3/06; 20789

80.4.7 13581

The introductions to the collected works of William Morris; with an introduction by Joseph Riggs Dunlap. Volume one [- two]. May Morris; Joseph Riggs (intr.) Dunlap New York Oriole Editions 1973 reprint; 2 v. lib.d.I3/07; 20790

80.4.8 13582

"William Morris and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings: historic preservation in Victorian Great Britain. Thesis, M.A., Western Michigan University 1993." Andrea Elizabeth Harger Ann Arbor, MI U.M.I. Dissertation services 1994 lib.d.I3/08; 20791

80.4.9 13583

A dream of John Ball. William Morris New York Oriole Editions s.d. Oriole Chapbooks lib.d.I3/09; 20792

80.4.10 13584

William Morris: his life, work and friends. Philip Henderson London Andre Deutsch 1986 1st edition: London: Thames & Hudson, 1967 lib.d.I3/10; 20793

80.4.11 13585

The Arts and Crafts movement: a study of its sources, ideals and influence on design theory. Gillian Naylor Cambridge (Mass.) MIT Press 1971 lib.d.I3/11; 20794

80.4.12 13586

William Morris and his Earthly Paradises. Roderick Marshall New York George Braziller 1981 lib.d.I3/12; 20795

80.4.13 13587

"Ruskin a Verona. catalogo a cura di Terence Mullaly. In appendice: „Verona e is uoi fiumi“ di John Ruskin. Ausstellung: Verona, Museo di Castelvecchio, ottobre-novembre 1966." Terence Mullaly; John Ruskin Verona Museo di Castelvecchio 1966 lib.d.I3/13; 20796

80.4.14 13588

William Morris: a life for our time. Fiona MacCarthy New York Alfred A. Knopf 1995 lib.d.I3/14; 20797

80.4.15 13589

"The new path: Ruskin and the American pre-raphaelites. Ausstellung: Brooklyn Museum, New York, 29.3. - 10.6.1985; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Mass.), 3.7. - 8.9.1985." Linda S. Ferber; William H. Gerdts New York; New York Brooklyn Museum; Schocken Books 1985 lib.d.I3/15; 20798

80.4.16 13590

William Morris und die sozialen Ursprünge der modernen Architektur. Edmund Goldzamt Dresden VEB Verlag der Kunst 1976 lib.d.I3/16; 20799

80.4.17 10074

The elements of drawing. Illustrated edition with notes by Bernard Dunstan.Ruskin and Viollet-le-Duc: Englishness and Frenchness in the appreciation of Gothic architecture. First Walter Neurath Memorial lecture. Nikolaus Pevsner London Thames & Hudson 1969 lib.d.I3/17; 14740

80.4.18 10075

"John Ruskin und die Schweiz ... von Elisabeth Gertrud Koenig. Diss., Univ. Bern, 1941." Elisabeth Gertrud Koenig Bern Stämpfli & Co. 1943 lib.d.I3/18; 14741

80.4.19 10076

Ruskin and the rhetoric of infallibility. Gary Wihl New Haven & London Yale University Press 1985 lib.d.I3/19; 14742

80.4.20 10077

Pre-Raphaelite papers edited by Leslie Parris. Leslie (ed.) Parris London Tate Gallery 1984 lib.d.I3/20; 14743

80.4.21 10078

Ruskinian Gothic: the architecture of Deane and Woodward, 1845-1861. Eve Blau Princeton (N.J.) & Guildford Princeton University Press 1982 lib.d.I3/21; 14744

80.4.22 10079

The seven lamps of architecture by John Ruskin. With an introduction by Selwyn Image. John Ruskin; Selwyn (intr.) Image London; New York Dent; Dutton 1910, © 1907 Everyman‘s Library: Essays and Belles lettres lib.d.I3/22; 14745

80.4.23 10080

The two paths: being lectures on art, and its application to decoration and manufacture, delivered in 1858-9. By John Ruskin. With two plates. John Ruskin London Smith, Elder & Co. 1859 lib.d.I3/23; 14746

80.4.24 10081

The seven lamps of architecture. By John Ruskin. With illustrations, drawn and etched by the author. John Ruskin New York John Wiley 1849 lib.d.I3/24; 14747

80.4.25 10082

The stones of Venice. Introductory chapters and local indices (printed separately) for the use of travellers while staying in Venice and Verona by John Ruskin. Volume I [- II]. Eighth edition. John Ruskin Orpington & London George Allen 1897 2 v. lib.d.I3/25; 14748

80.4.26 10083

St. Mark‘s rest. The history of Venice. Written for the help of the few travellers who still care for her monuments by John Ruskin. Ninth thousand. John Ruskin London George Allen 1902 lib.d.I3/26; 14749

80.4.27 10084

Ruskin on architecture: his thought and influence. Kristine Ottesen Garrigan Madison (Wisconsin) & London University of Wisconsin Press 1973 lib.d.I3/27; 14750

80.4.28 10085

The diaries of John Ruskin. Selected and edited by Joan Evans and John Howard Whitehouse. 1835-1847. John Ruskin; Joan (ed.) Evans; John Howard (ed.) Whitehouse Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1956 lib.d.I3/28; 14751

80.4.29 10086

Studies in both arts: being ten subjects drawn and described by John Ruskin. John Ruskin Orpington & London George Allen 1895 lib.d.I3/29; 14752

80.4.30 10087

Lectures on landscape delivered at Oxford in Lent Term, 1871 by John Ruskin. With twenty-two plates. John Ruskin Orpington & London George Allen 1897 lib.d.I3/30; 14753