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80.5.1 13591

Contrasts: with an introduction by H.R. Hitchcock. A.W.N. Pugin; H.R. (intr.) Hitchcock Leicester; New York Leicester University Press; Distr.: Humanities Press 1973 lib.d.I4/01; 20800

80.5.2 478

Les vrais principes de l'architecture ogivale ou chrétienne, avec des remarques sur leur renaissance au temps actuel. Rémanié et développé d‘après le texte Anglais de A.W. Pugin, par T.H. King, Et traduit en français, par P. Lebrocquy. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin; T.H. King; P. Lebrocquy Bruxelles & Leipzig; Aix-la-Chapelle Mayer et Flateau; J. A. Mayer 1850 lib.d.I4/02; 572

80.5.3 13592

Designs for Iron and Brass work in the style of the xv and xvi centuries. A.W.N. Pugin London Ackermann & Co s.d. [1836] lib.d.I4/03; 20801

80.5.4 1105

Details of antient timber houses of the 15th & 16th centuries selected from those existing at Roeun, Caen, Beauvais, Gisors, Abbevile, Strasbourg, etc. drawn on the spot and etched by A. Welby Pugin. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin London Ackermann and Co. 1836 lib.d.I4/04; 1290

80.5.5 13593

The True Principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture by A. Welby Pugin. A reprint of the first edition with a foreword by Marina Henderson. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin; Marina (intr.) Henderson London; New York Academy Editions; St. Martin‘s Press 1973 lib.d.I4/05; 20802

80.5.6 13594

"Important furniture, silver, books and decorative arts from the collection of William A. McCarty-Cooper. Sale: Christie‘s New York, January 25 1992." Christie‘s New York Christie‘s 1992 lib.d.I4/06; 20803

80.5.7 13595

"Pugin: principles of design versus revivalism. Photocopy: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, XIII, 3, 1954, pp.20-25." Phoebe Stanton lib.d.I4/07; 20804

80.5.8 1103

Specimens of Gothic Architecture; selected from various ancient edifices in England: consisiting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large; calculated to exemplify the various styles, and the practical construction of this admired class of architecture; accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Accounts. Vol. I [- II]. By Augustus Pugin. The literary part by E.J. Willson. Augustus Charles Pugin; E. J. Willson Edinburgh John Grant 1895 2 v. lib.d.I4/08; 1288

80.5.9 1106

An apology for The Revival of Christian Architecture in England. By A. Welby Pugin. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin London John Weale 1843 lib.d.I4/09; 1291

80.5.10 1107

Contrasts: or, A Parallel between the noble edifices of the Middle Ages, and corresponding buildings of the present day; shewing the present decay of taste. Accompanied by appropriate Text. By A. Welby Pugin, Architect. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin London Charles Dolman 1841 lib.d.I4/10; 1292

80.5.11 1104

The true principles of Pointed or Christian Architecture: set forth in two lectures delivered at St. Marie‘s, Oscott, by A. Welby Pugin. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin London John Weale 1841 lib.d.I4/11; 1289

80.5.12 1108

The present state of ecclesiastical architecture in England. By A. Welby Pugin, Architect. With Thirty-six Illustrations. Republished from the Dublin Review. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin London Charles Dolman 1843 lib.d.I4/12; 1293

80.5.13 1109

Historical and descriptive essays accompanying a series of engraved specimens of the architectural antiquities of Normandy. Edited by John Britton; the subjects measured and drawn by Augustus Pugin and engraved by John and Henry Le Keux. Augustus Charles Pugin; John (ed.) Britton London; Leicester printed for M.A. Nattali; printed by T. Combe, junior 1833 lib.d.I4/13; 1294

80.5.14 1110

Fifteenth and sixteenth century ornaments in four parts. I. - Gold and silver ornament designs; II. - Iron and brass work designs; III. - Gothic furniture; IV. - Details of ancient timber roofs. By A. Welby Pugin. Illustrated with four frontispieces in colour and 101 plates. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin Edinburgh John Grant 1904 lib.d.I4/14; 1295

80.5.15 13596

Paris and its environs, displayed in a series of two hundred picturesque views, from Original Drawings, taken under the direction of A. Pugin. The engravings executed under the superintendance of Mr. C. Heath. With topographical and historical decsriptions. In two volumes. Vol. I [- II]. Augustus Pugin; Charles Heath London Jennings and Chaplin 1831 2 v. lib.d.I4/15; 20805

80.5.16 13597

The present state of ecclesiastical architecture in England. By A. Welby Pugin, Architect. With Thirty-six Illustrations. Republished from the Dublin Review. (London: Charles Dolman, 1843). Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin Frome; Oxford; Oxford printed by Butler and Tanner; for the St. Barnabas Press; sold by Basil Blackwell 1969 lib.d.I4/16; 20806

80.5.17 13598

Principles of Ecclesiastical Buildings and Ornaments. Henry Drummond London Thomas Bosworth 1851 lib.d.I4/17; 20807

80.5.18 13599

Pugin. Preface by Nikolaus Pevsner. With 169 black and white illustrations. Phoebe Stanton; Nikolaus (pref.) Pevsner London Thames & Hudson 1971 lib.d.I4/18; 20808

80.5.19 1117

Recollections of A. N. Welby Pugin and his father, Augustus Pugin: With Notices of their Works. By Benjamin Ferrey, with an appendix by E. Sheridan Purcell, Esq. Benjamin Ferrey; E. Sheridan (app.) Purcell London Edward Stanford 1861 lib.d.I4/19; 1303

80.5.20 13600

Recollections of A. N. Welby Pugin and his father, Augustus Pugin: With Notices of their Works. By Benjamin Ferrey, with an appendix by E. Sheridan Purcell, Esq. Benjamin Ferrey; E. Sheridan (app.) Purcell London Edward Stanford 1861 lib.d.I4/20; 20809

80.5.21 13601

A.W.N. Pugin and the Pugin family; by Alexandra Wedgwood. Alexandra Wedgwood London Victoria and Albert Museum 1985 Catalogues of architectural drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum lib.d.I4/21; 20810

80.5.22 13602

Glossary of ecclesiastical ornament and costume, Compiled and Illustrated from Antient Authorities and Examples, by A. Welby Pugin, architect, with extracts from the works of Durandus, Georgius, Bona, Catalani, Gerbert, Martene, Molanus, Thiers, Mabillon, Ducange, etc. Faithfully translated by the Rev. Bernard Smith. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin; Bernard (trans.) Smith London; London Henry G. Bohn; G. Norman, printer 1844 lib.d.I4/22; 20811

80.5.23 13603

An attempt to discriminate the Styles of Architecture in England, from the Conquest to the Reformation: with a sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders; notices of numerous British edifices; and some remarks on the architecture of a part of France. By the late Thomas Rickman. Fifth edition, with very considerable additions. Thomas Rickman London & Oxford; Oxford John Henry Parker; printed by I. Shrimpton 1848 lib.d.I4/23; 20812

80.5.24 13604

School architecture. Being Practical Remarks on the planning, designing, building, and furnishing of school-houses. By Edward Robert Robson. With more than 300 illustrations. Edward Robert Robson London; London John Murray; Bradbury, Agnew & Co., printers 1874 lib.d.I4/24; 20813

80.5.25 13605

A history of Ecclesiastical Architecture in England. By Geo. Ayliffe Poole. Geo. Ayliffe Poole London; London Joseph Masters; printed by Joseph Masters 1848 lib.d.I4/25; 20814

80.5.26 13606

W.R. Lethaby 1857-1931: architecture, design and education. Edited by Sylvia Backemeyer and Theresa Gronberg. Sylvia (ed.) Backemeyer; Theresa (ed.) Gronberg London Lund Humphries 1984 lib.d.I4/26; 20815

80.5.27 13607

Westminster Abbey re-examined by W.R. Lethaby. W.R. Lethaby London Duckworth 1925 lib.d.I4/27; 20816

80.5.28 13608

Londinium: architecture and the crafts by W.R. Lethaby. With 175 figures. W.R. Lethaby London Duckworth 1923 lib.d.I4/28; 20817

80.5.29 4179

Notes on some of the principal pictures exhibited in the rooms of the Royal Academy: 1875. by John Ruskin. John Ruskin Orpington; London George Allen; Ellis and White 1875 lib.d.I4/29; 7946

80.5.30 4180

Notes on the Turner Gallery at Marlborough House. 1856. By John Ruskin. John Ruskin London Smith Elder & Co. 1857 lib.d.I4/30; 7947

80.5.31 4181

John Ruskin on himself and things in general. John Ruskin Liverpool At the office of „Cope‘s Tobacco Plant“ 1893 lib.d.I4/31; 7948

80.5.32 4182

To the memory of Ruskin. Edited by J. Howard Whitehouse. J. Howard (ed.) Whitehouse Cambridge Printed at the University Press for the Ruskin Society 1934 lib.d.I4/32; 7949

80.5.33 4183

Vindication of Ruskin by J. Howard Whitehouse. J. Howard (ed.) Whitehouse London George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1950 lib.d.I4/33; 7950

80.5.34 4184

Fors Clavigera. Letters to the workmen and labourers of Great Britain. By John Ruskin. Vol. I [- VIII, Index]. John Ruskin Orpington George Allen 1871-1887 9 v. lib.d.I4/34; 7951

80.5.35 4186

The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society. Fifth series, volume XXI, 1966. Oxford Oxford University Press 1966 4 parts in 1 folder lib.d.I4/35; 7953

80.5.36 4187

Les matins à Florence: simples études d‘art chrétien. Traduites de l‘anglais par Eugénie Nypels. Annotées par Emile Cammaerts. Préface de M. Robert de la Sizeranne. Ouvrage illustré d‘une vue de Florence et de 11 planches hors texte d‘après les clichés de M. Alinari. John Ruskin; Eugénie (trans.) Nypels; Emile (comm.) Cammaerts; Robert (préf.) de la Sizeranne Paris; Paris Renouard; Laurens 1906 lib.d.I4/36; 7954

80.5.37 4188

Lectures on architecture and painting, delivered at Edinburgh in November, 1853. By John Ruskin. With illustrations drawn by the author. John Ruskin London Smith, Elder & Co. 1854 lib.d.I4/37; 7955

80.5.38 4189

Notes by Mr. Ruskin. Part I. On his drawings by the late J.M.W. Turner, R.A. Part II. On his own handiwork illustrative of Turner. The above being exhibited at the Fine Art Society‘s Galleries, 148, New Bond Street. 1878. John Ruskin London Chiswick Press 1878 lib.d.I4/38; 7956

80.5.39 4190

The Elements of Drawing; in three letters to beginners. By John Ruskin, M.A. With illustrations, drawn by the author. John Ruskin London; New York; Boston; Montreal Smith, Elder & Co.; Bangs Brother and Co.; Little, Brown and Co.; B. Dawson 1857 lib.d.I4/39; 7957

80.5.40 14103

Modern painters. Volume I. [- V & Index]. Complete edition. John Ruskin Orpington George Allen 1888 6 v. lib.d.I4/40; 21313