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80.6.1 13609

The history of the Antient Abbeys, Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches. Being two additional volumes to Sir William Dugdale‘s Monastico Anglicanum: containing The Original and first Establishment of all the Religious Orders that ever were in Great-Britain; ... The foundations of their several Monasteries. A very large Collection of many hundreds of Grants and Charters belonging to them, besides several thousands abridg‘d. The final Suppression of all those Places, with some Account of the manner how their vast Lands and Possessions were dispos‘d of. Thera are added Catalogues of the Abbats, and other Superiors of those religious Houses ... Collected from above Two hundred of the best Historians extant, and from antient Manuscripts in the Bodleian and Cotton Libraries, ... Adorn‘d with a considerable Number of Copper-Plates ... by John Stevens, Gent. Vol. I [- II]. John Stevens London Printed for Tho. Taylor, Luke Stokoe, Jos. Smith, John Senex, W. Taylor, T. Meighan, J. Batley, And. Johnston, W. Bray, R. King, and Tho. Cox 1722-1723 2 v. lib.d.I5/01; 20818

80.6.2 13610

Monasticon Anglicanum: or, the history Of the Ancient Abbies, Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, With their Dependencies, in England and Wales: also of all such Scotch, Irish, and French monasteries, as did in any manner relate to those in England. ... Illustrated with the Original cuts of the Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, and the Habits of the Religious and Military Orders. First Publish‘d in latin by Sir William Dugdale, ... The Whole Corrected, and Supploied with many Useful Additions, by an Eminent Hand. William Dugdale London; London Printed by R. Harbin; Printed for D. Browne and J. Smith; G. Stahan; W. Taylor; R. Gosling; W,Mears, J. Browne and F. Clay 1718 lib.d.I5/02; 20819

80.6.3 13611

The history of St Paul‘s Cathedral in London, From its foundation. Extracted out of Original Charters, Records, Leiger-Books, and other Manuscripts. Beautified with sundry Prospects of the Old Fabrick, which was destroyed by the Fire of that City, 1666. As also With the Figures of the Tombs and Monuments therein, which were all defac‘d in the late Rebellion. Whereunto is added, a continuation thereof, setting forth what was done in the Structure of the New Church, to the Year 1685. Likewise, An Historical Account of he Northern Cathedrals, and Chief Collegiate Churches in the Province of York. By Sir William Dugdale ... The Second Edition corrected and enlarged by the Author‘s own Hand. To which is prefixed, his Life, written by himself. Publish‘d by Edward Maynard. William Dugdale; Edward Maynard London; London Printed by George James; Printed for Jonah Bowyer 1716 3 t. in 1 v. lib.d.I5/03; 20820

80.6.4 13612

Parentalia: or, memoirs of the Family of the Wrens; Viz. of Mathew Bishop of Ely, Christopher Dean of Windsor, &c. but chiefly of Sir Christopher Wren, late Surveyor-General of the Royal Buildings, President of the Royal Society, &c. &c. In which is contained, besides his works, A great Number of Original Papers and Records; on Religion, Politicks, Anatomy, Mathematicks, Architecture, Antiquities; and most Branches of Polite Literature. Compiled, by his Son Christopher, Now published by his Grandson, Stephen Wren, Esq; With the Care of Joseph Ames. Christopher Wren; Stephen Wren; Joseph Ames London; London Printed for T. Osborn; Printed for R. Dodsley 1750 lib.d.I5/04; 20821

80.6.5 13613

Ancient funerall monuments within the united monarchie of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the Islands adiacent, with the dissolved Monasteries therein contained: their Founders, and what eminent Persons have beene in the same interred. As also the death and buriall of certaine of the Bloud Royall; the Nobilitie and Gentrie of these Kingdomes entombed in forraine Nations. A worke reviving the dead memory of the Royall Progenie, the Nobilitie, Gentrie, and Communaltie, of these his Maiesties Dominions. Intermixed and illustrated with variety of Historicall observations, annotations, and briefe notes, extracted out of approved Authors, infallible Records, Lieger Books, Charters, Rolls, old Manuscripts, and the Collections of judicious Antiquaries. Whereunto is prefixed a Discourse of Funerall Monuments. Of the Foundation and fall of Religious Houses. Of Religious Orders. Of the Ecclesiasticall estate of England. And of other occurrences touched upon by the way, in the whole passage of these intended labours. Composed by the Studie and Travels of John Weever. John Weever London; London Printed by Thomas Harper; and are to be sold by Laurence Sadler 1631 lib.d.I5/05; 20822

80.6.6 13614

Grove-Hill, A Descriptive Poem, with an ode to Mithra, by the author of Indian Antiquities. Thomas Maurice London; London; London Printed by T. Bensley; for John and Arthur Arch; and J. Wright 1799 lib.d.I5/06; 20823

80.6.7 13615

The New Forest: Its History and its Scenery By John R. Wise. Artist‘s edition With 12 Etchings by Heywood Sumner 634 Illustrations by Walter Crane, engraved by W.J. Linton, and Two Maps. John R. Wise London Henry Sotheran & Co. 1883 lib.d.I5/07; 20824

80.6.8 13616

The Scottish Gallery; or, portraits of eminent persons of Scotland: many of them after pictures by the celebrated Jameson, at Taymouth, and other places. With brief accounts of the characters represented, and an introduction on the rise and progress of painting in Scotland. By John Pinkerton. John Pinkerton London printed for E. Harding 1799 lib.d.I5/08; 20825

80.6.9 13617

Itinerarium Septentrionale: or, a journey Thro‘ most of the counties of Scotland, And Those in the North of England. In Two parts. Part I. Containing an Account of all the monuments of Roman antiquity, found and collected in that Journey, and exhibited in order to illustrate the Roman History in those parts of Britain ... Part II. An account of the Danish invasions on Scotland, and of the Monuments erected there, on the different Defeats of that People. With other curious remains of antiquity; Never before communicated to the Publick. The Whole Illustrated with Sixty-Six Copper Plates. By Alexander Gordon. Alexander Gordon London; London; London; London; London printed for the author; and sold by G. Strahan; and sold by J. Woodman; and sold by W. and J. Innys; and sold by T. Woodward 1799 lib.d.I5/09; 20826

80.6.10 13618

The sculptured stones of Leith with historical and antiquarian notices by D.H. Robertson. D.H. Robertson Leith printed and published by Reid & Son 1851 lib.d.I5/10; 20827

80.6.11 477

A series of ornamental timber gables, from existing exampls in England and France, of the sixteenth century. Drawn on stone by B. Ferrey, under the direction of A. Pugin, Architect; with descriptive letter-press, by E.J. Willson, Architect. Second Edition, Improved. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin; B. Ferrey; E.J. Willson London Henry G. Bohn 1854 lib.d.I5/11; 571

80.6.12 13619

"An Epistle from Mr. Pope, to Dr. Arbuthnot 1734. (London: Printed by J. Wright for Lawton Gilliver, 1734)." Alexander Pope s.l. s.e. 1926 facsimile lib.d.I5/12; 20828

80.6.13 13620

Revue Britannique ou choix d‘articles traduits des meilleurs écrits périodiques de la Grande-Bretagne, par MM. Bernard (de Rennes); Berton; Philarète Chasles; Ch. Coquerel; J. Cohen; A. Delrieu; J. Fontenelle; P. Genest; D.M.P.; Géruzez; Léon Gozlan; Larenaudière; Lesourd; H. Lucas; Méry; Amédée Pichot; Félix Pyat; Louis Reybaud; C. Pelle. Tome premier. Année 1839. Bruxelles Meline, Cans et Compagnie 1839 lib.d.I5/13; 20829

80.6.14 13621

A tour from Alston-Moor to Harrowgate, and Bingham Crags. By Thomas Pennant, Esq. Thomas Pennant London; London Printed by C. Mercier and Co.; for John Scott 1804 lib.d.I5/14; 20830

80.6.15 13622

Observations on a tour through the Highlands and part of the Western Isles of Scotland, particularly Staffa and Icolmkill: to which are added, a description of the falls of the Clyde, of the country round Moffat, and an analysis of its mineral waters. In two volumes. By T. Garnett. Illustrated by a map, And Fifty-two Plates, engraved in the Manner of Aquatinta, from Drawings taken on the Spot by W.H. Watts, Miniature and Landscape Painter, who acompanied the Author in his Tour. Vol. I [- II]. W.H. Watts London; London Printed by Luke Hansard; for T. Cadell, Junior & W. Davies 1800 2 v. lib.d.I5/15; 20831

80.6.16 13623

Sir Walter Scott and the visual arts. The David Cargill lecture 1970. Douglas Percy Bliss Glasgow The Foulis Archive Press, Glasgow School of art 1971 lib.d.I5/16; 20832

80.6.17 13624

Remarks on Local Scenery & Manners in Scotland during the Years 1799 and 1800, by John Stoddart. Vol. I [- II]. John Stoddart London Published by William Miller 1801 2 v. lib.d.I5/17; 20833

80.6.18 13625

A tour in Scotland. MDCCLXIX. The second edition. Thomas Pennant London Printed for B. White 1772 2 v. CHECK bibliog. lib.d.I5/18; 20834