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80.7.1 13626

Thomas Sheraton‘s the Cabinet-maker and upholsterer‘s drawing-book. With an introduction by Lindsay O.J. Boynton. Charles F. Montgomery and Wilfred P. Cole editors. Thomas Sheraton; Lindsay O.J. (intr.) Boynton; Charles F. (ed.) Montgomery; Wilfred P. (ed.) Cole New York, Washington & London Praeger 1970 lib.d.I6/01; 20835

80.7.2 13627

Thomas Sheraton‘s the Cabinet Dictionary. With an introduction by Wilfred P. Cole and Charles F. Montgomery. Volume I [- II]. Thomas Sheraton; Wilfred P. (intr.) Cole; Charles F. (intr.) Montgomery New York, Washington & London Praeger 1970 2 v. lib.d.I6/02; 20836

80.7.3 13628

Grammaire de l‘ornement par Owen Jones, illustrée d‘exemples pris de divers styles d‘ornement. Cent douze planches. Owen Jones London; Paris Bernard Quaritch; chez tous les libraires 1865 lib.d.I6/03; 20837

80.7.4 13629

Analysis of ornament. The characteristics of styles: a introduction to the study of The istory of Ornamental Art; being an outline of a course of sixteen lectures on that subject, originally prepared for the Government Schools of Design in the years 1848, 1849, 1850. By Ralph N. Wornum. Ralph N. Wornum London Chapman and Hall 1856 lib.d.I6/04; 20838

80.7.5 13630

Sir James Pennethorne and the making of Victorian London. Geoffrey Tyack Cambridge, New York & Victoria Cambridge University Press 1992 Cambridge Studies in the History of Architecture lib.d.I6/05; 20839

80.7.6 13631

Henry Aldrich of Christ Church 1648-1710 by W.G. Hiscock. W.G. Hiscock Oxford printed for Christ Church at the Holywell Press 1960 lib.d.I6/06; 20840

80.7.7 13632

Sir Jeffry Wyatville: architect to the King. Derek Linstrum Oxford Clarendon Press 1972 Oxford Studies in the History of Art and Architecture lib.d.I6/07; 20841

80.7.8 13633

Sketches in architecture; consisting of Original Designs for cottages and rural dwellings, suitable to persons of moderate fortune, and for convenient retirement; with plans and appropriate scenery to each. On twenty plates: with some general observations. By T.D.W. Dearn. (London: published by J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1807). T.D.W. Dearn Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/08; 20842

80.7.9 13634

Hints for improving the condition of the peasantry in all parts of the United Kingdom, by promoting comfort in their habitations: interspersed with plans, elevations, and descriptive views of characteristic designs for cottages, contrived for the use and convenience of the peasant and small farmer, as well as occasional retreats for persons of moderate income. Illustrated on ten plates, handsomely engraved in aquatinta, and embelished with picturesque scenery, elegantly coloured to imitate the drawings. To which are prefixed, Introductory Observations on the cheapest, best, and most aproved Manner of building them, Under the impression that the Materials of every Description will be found by the Landed Proprietor. To which are aded, explanations and estimates made accordingly. By Richard Elsam. (London: printed for and published by R. Ackermann, 1816). Richard Elsam Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/09; 20843

80.7.10 13635

"Constable: paintings, watercolours & drawings. Ausstellung: London, Tate Gallery, 18.2. - 25.4.1976." Leslie Parris; Ian Fleming-Williams; Conal Shields London; Paris & Milan Tate Gallery; Distr. France & Italy: Idea Books 1976 lib.d.I6/10; 20844

80.7.11 13636

Rural architecture; or designs, from the simple cottage to the decorated vila; including some which have been executed. By John Plaw. Etched and shaded in aqua-tinta, on sixty-two plates. (London: published by J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1802). John Plaw Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/11; 20845

80.7.12 13637

Sketches for country houses, villas, and rural dwellings; calculate for persons of moderate income, and for comfortable retirement. Also some designs for cottages, which may be constructed of the simplest materials; with plans and general estimates. By John Plaw, Architect. (London: printed by S. Gosnell for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1800). John Plaw Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/12; 20846

80.7.13 13638

A series of plans for cottages or habitations of the labourer, either in husbandry, or the mechanic arts, adapted as well to towns as to the country. Engraved on thirty plates. To which is added An Introduction, containing many useful Observations on this Class of Building; tending to the Comfort of the Poor and Advantage of the Builder: with Calculations of Expences. By the late Mr. J. Wood. A new edition, corrected to the present time. (London: published by J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1806). J. Wood Farnborough Gregg International 1972 lib.d.I6/13; 20847

80.7.14 13639

An essay on British cottage architecture: being An Attempt to perpetuate on Principle, that peculiar mode of Building, which was originally the effect of Chance. Supported by fourteen designs, with Their Ichnography, or Plans, laid down to Scale; comprising Dwellings for the Peasant and Farmer, and Retreats for the Gentleman; with various Observations thereon: the whole extending to twenty-one plates, designed and executed in aqua-tinta. By James Malton. (London: published by Hookham and Carpenter, 1798). James Malton Farnborough Gregg International 1972 lib.d.I6/14; 20848

80.7.15 13640

Hints for dwellings: consisting of original designs for cottages, farm-houses, villas, &c. Plain and Ornamental; with plans to each: in which strict attention is paid to unite convenience and elegance with economy. Including some designs for town houses. By D. Laing. Elegantly engraved, in aqua-tinta, on thirty-four plates, with appropriate scenery. (London: printed by S. Gosnell, for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1800). D. Laing Farnborough Gregg International 1972 lib.d.I6/15; 20849

80.7.16 13641

Views of picturesque cottages with plans selected from a colection of drawings taken in different parts of England, and intended as hints for the improvement of village scenery; by William Atkinson. (London: printe for T. Gardiner, 1805). William Atkinson Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/16; 20850

80.7.17 13642

The Country Gentleman‘s Architect; containing a variety of designs for farm houses and farm yards of different magnitudes, arranged on the most approved principles for arable, grazing, feeding, and dairy farms; with plans and sections shewing at large The Cnstruction of Cottages, Barns, Stables, Feeding-Houses, Dairies, Brew-Houses, Maltings, &c. With plans for stables and dog-kenels; to which are added, designs for labourers‘ cottages and small villas. The whole adapted to the use of country gentlemen about to build or to alter. By R. Lugar. Engraved on twenty-two plates, with general observations and full explanations to each. (London: published by J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1807). R. Lugar Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/17; 20851

80.7.18 13643

Rural residences, consisting of a series of designs for cottages, decorated cottages, small villas, and other ornamental buildings, accompanied by hints on situation, construction, arrangement and decoration, in the theory & practice of rural architecure; interspersed with Some Observations on Landscape Gardening: by John B. Papworth, architect. (London: printed for R. Ackermann, 1818). John B. Papworth Farnborough Gregg International 1971 lib.d.I6/18; 20852

80.7.19 13644

Architectural designs for rustic cottages, picturesque dwellings, villas, &c. with appropriate scenery, plans, and descriptions. To which are prefixed, some critical observations on their style and character; and also of Castles, Abbies, and ancient English Houses. Concluding with practical remarks on building, and the causes of dry rot. By W.F. Pocock. Elegantly engraved on thirty-three plates. (London: printed for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1807). W.F. Pocock Farnborough Gregg International 1972 lib.d.I6/19; 20853

80.7.20 13645

The ornamental designs of Chippendale from the Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker‘s Director 1762 with a preface by R.W. Symonds. R.W. (intr.) Symonds London Alec Tiranti 1949 parallel title in French lib.d.I6/20; 20854

80.7.21 13646

Church monuments in Romantic England. Nicholas Penny New Haven & London Published for the Paul Mellon Centre by Yale University Press 1977 lib.d.I6/21; 20855

80.7.22 13647

William Morris Hunt 1824-1879. Sally Webster Cambridge, New York, Port Chester, Melbourne & Sydney Cambridge University Press 1991 lib.d.I6/22; 20856

80.7.23 13648

"The age of Rossetti, Burne-Jones & Watts. Symbolism in Britain 1860-1910. Edited by Andrew Wilton and Robert Upstone. With contributions by Barbara Bryant, Christopher Newall, MaryAnne Stevens and Simon Wilson. Ausstellung: London, Tate Gallery, 16.10.1997 - 4.1.1998; Munich, Haus der Kunst, 30.1. - 26.4.1998; Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, 15.5. - 30.8.1998." Andrew Wilton; Robert Upstone; Barbara Bryant; Christopher Newall; MaryAnne Stevens; Simon Wilson Paris & New York Flammarion 1997 lib.d.I6/23; 20857

80.7.24 13649

The Pilgrim‘s Progress from this World to that which is to come By John Bunyan. With one hundred illustrations by Frederick Barnard and others; engraved by Dalziel brothers. John Bunyan London Strahan and Company 1880 lib.d.I6/24; 20858

80.7.25 13650

Ideals in art: papers theoretical practical critical by Walter Crane. Walter Crane London George Bell & Sons 1905 lib.d.I6/25; 20859 13651 The claims of decorative art by Walter Crane. Walter Crane London Lawrence and Bullen 1892 lib.d.I6/26; 20860

80.7.26 13652

Rumbo-Rhymes; or the great combine: a satire; written by Alfred C. Calmour. Rendered into pictures by Walter Crane. Alfred C. Calmour; Walter Crane London & New York Harper & Brothers 1911 lib.d.I6/27; 20861

80.7.27 13653

William Morris to Whistler: papers and addresses on art and craft and the commonweal. By Walter Crane with illustrations from drawings by the author & other sources. Walter Crane London G. Bell & Sons Ltd 1911 lib.d.I6/28; 20862

80.7.28 13654

The claims of decorative art by Walter Crane. Walter Crane Boston & New York Houghton, Mifflin, and Company 1892 lib.d.I6/29; 20863

80.7.29 13655

"Charles B. Wood III Inc. Catalogue 99. Material culture." Charles B. Wood III Inc. Cambridge (Mass.) Charles B. Wood III Inc. 1998 lib.d.I6/30; 20864

80.7.30 13656

The sirens three. A poem: written and illustrated by Walter Crane. Walter Crane London Macmillan & Co. 1886 lib.d.I6/31; 20865

80.7.31 13657

A masque of days. From the Last Essays of Elia: newly dressed and decorated by Walter Crane. Walter Crane London, Paris, New York & Melbourne Cassell & Company 1901 lib.d.I6/32; 20866