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Titel   LinkA letter from Rome, Shewing an exact Conformity between popery and paganism: or, The Religion of the Present Romans, derived from that of their Heathen Ancestors. / By Conyers Middleton.
Ausgabe   The fourth edition. To which are added, I. A Prefatory Discourse, containing an Answer to all the Objections of the Writer of a Popish Book, intituled, The Catholic Christian instructed, &c. with many new Facts and Testimonies, in farther confirmation of the general Argument of the Letter. And II. A Postscript, in which Mr. Warburton’s Opinion concerning the Paganism of Rome is particulary considered.
Impressum   LinkLondon : Printed for Richard Manby, 1741
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Bibliothek   BIB-OECHSLIN (Einsiedeln) |  42153Library Info
Bibliothek   BIB-OECHSLIN (Einsiedeln) |  acq.2000/094Library Info
Autor/-in   LinkMiddleton, Conyers
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