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Titel   LinkThe Art of Painting, with the lives and characters Of above 300 of the most Eminent painters: : Containing a Complete Treatise of painting, designing, and The use of prints. With Reflexions on the Works of the most Celebrated Masters, and of the several Schools of Europe, as well ancient as modern. Being the most perfect Work of the Kind extant. / Translated from the French of Monsieur De Piles. To which is added, An essay towards an English School.
Ausgabe   The Third Edition: / In which is now first inserted the Life of Sir Godfrey Kneller, by the late B. Buckeridge, Esq; who wrote the greatest Part of the English School.
Impressum   LinkLondon : Printed for Thomas Payne, [1754?]
Umfang   1 Band
Anm. zum Expl.   Zusammengebunden mit: The lives of the most eminent modern painters ... / J.B. London : Payne, 1754
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Autor/-in   LinkPiles, Roger de
  LinkBuckeridge, B.
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