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Titel   LinkEssay on modern gardening / by Horace Walpole ; with a faithful translation into French by the Duke of Nivernois
Ausgabe   A reprint in type facsimile of the edition printed by Mr. Walpole at Strawberry Hill 1785 / to which is added an introductory note by Alice Morse Earle
Impressum   LinkPennsylvania : Lewis Buddy III, The Kirgate Press Canton, 1904
Umfang   1 Band
Gesamtbestand   Alle Exemplare
Bibliothek   BIB-OECHSLIN (Einsiedeln) |  20686Library Info
Bibliothek   BIB-OECHSLIN (Einsiedeln) |  lib.d.G5/01Library Info
Autor/-in   LinkWalpole, Horace, Politiker, Schriftsteller, Kunstsammler, Grossbritannien, 1717 - 1797. ger
Autor/-in   LinkEarle, Alice Morse
Systemnr.   004641539