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Call for Papers

Third Colloquium on Architectural Theory at the Werner Oechslin Library 

24 – 27 April 2014


At the Third Colloquium on Architectural Theory of the Werner Oechslin Library, architectural knowledge as manifested in the treatise literature since Vitruvius will be the focus.  The question immediately arises about the type of content intended: construction knowledge, design knowledge, the knowledge of the architect or the engineer?  Depending on the emphasis, other circumstances and traditions, or other contacts come to the forefront, and additional questions arise.  What about the situation between Paris and Northern Italy or north-south connections?  How does transfer of knowledge occur, and how is knowledge fixed and recorded – beyond individual contacts and exchanges?  How much of this is “science” and enjoys a privileged treatment?  And how much was mathematics – and more extensively, the system of the artes liberales with their branches – a recognized, virtually “universal” foundation, spanning all cultural borders?

An introductory text by Werner Oechslin on themes of the colloquium may be consulted here

The event addresses architectural theoreticians, architects, art historians, historians of science, and others, and seeks to bring together leading experts on the topics as well as, in particular, young researchers from various countries.

Papers should be limited to twenty-minute presentations.

Languages for paper proposals and presentations: German, English, French, Italian.  At least a passive knowledge of German is expected of all participants.

The Foundation assumes the hotel costs for course participants, as well as for some group meals. Travel costs cannot be reimbursed.

Please send short paper proposals and CVs by e-mail to:


Deadline: 14 October 2013