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Call for Papers


Fifth Colloquium on Architectural Theory at the Werner Oechslin Library

21. – 24. April 2016



Architect – Head of Household – Investor: the Economy of Planning, Building and Use

The (ancient) concept of oeconomy already has architecture in its name as an exemplar and model: the house (oikos) and the compliance with principles (nomos) that together make up household management. It is an old understanding that building is expensive and that one must therefore consider the costs very particularly.  How should this budget be organized for the household? Who sets the priorities? How does one proceed from the necessary structural measures to achieve beauty after all? Or is utility already beautiful, and a good construction also aesthetically perfect with no other intervention? Calculation of costs and “estimates” are the stepchildren of architectural history.  And the same probably goes for the relationship between architect and client. These topics are to be investigated in their historical context since the fifteenth century.

The event addresses architectural theoreticians, architects, art historians, historians of science, and others, and seeks to bring together leading experts on the topics as well as, in particular, young researchers from various countries.

Papers should be limited to twenty-minute presentations.

Languages for paper proposals and presentations: German, English, French, Italian.  At least a passive knowledge of German is expected of all participants.

The Foundation assumes the hotel costs for course participants, as well as for some group meals. Travel costs cannot be reimbursed.

Please send short paper proposals and CVs by e-mail to:

Deadline: 11 October 2015