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Masters of Disguise?

Conceptions and Misconceptions of "Rhetoric" in Chinese Antiquity

Einsiedeln, Werner Oechslin Library Foundation, September 4–6, 2013

Mit Unterstützung durch:

  • Schweizerischer Nationalfonds
  • Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften
  • Zürcher Universitätsverein
  • Schweizerische Asiengesellschaft
  • Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange



Wednesday, September 4th

10.00-10.15    Welcome - Wolfgang Behr/Lisa Indraccolo (University of Zurich)

10.15-12.45    Session 1 - Chair: Ralph Weber (University of Zurich)

10.15-10.45    Michael Nylan (University of California, Berkeley): On the Rhetoric of Friendship

10.45-11.15    Christian Schwermann (Bonn University of Bonn): Rhetorical Functions of Quotations in Early Imperial Memorials

11.15-11.45    Coffee break

11.45-12.15    Attilio Andreini (CaFoscari University, Venice): The Yang Mo 楊墨 Dualism and the Rhetorical Construction of Heterodoxy

12.15-12.45    Joachim Gentz (University of Edinburgh): Rhetoric as the Art of Listening: Concepts of Persuasion in the First Eleven Chapters of the Guiguzi

12.45-14.30    Lunch

14.30-16.45    Session 2 - Chair: Suzanne Saïd (Columbia University)

14.30-15.00    Nicolas Zufferey (University of Geneva): Contradiction and Adaptation in Wang Chong’s Lunheng (Critical Essays)

15.00-15.30    Haun Saussy (University of Chicago): But Seriously: The Rhetorical Positions of “cheng”[~sincerity]

15.30-15.45    Coffee break

15.45-16.15    Chen Rudong 陳汝東 (Peking University): Interpreting Classical Rhetoric in China: A Way to Immortality and a Social System

16.15-16.45    Robert H. Gassmann (University of Zurich): “Men for All Seasons” in Late Zhanguo: On the Pertinence and Implications of the Term “Persuader” 

16.45-18.00    Plenary discussion

18.00-19.00    Library tour

19.30              Dinner


Thursday, September 5th

9.00-11.15      Session 3 – Chair: Lisa Raphals (University of California at Riverside/National University of Singapore)

9.00-9.30        Dirk Meyer (University of Oxford): The Rhetoric of Persuasion: Zhōu Wǔwáng yǒu jí 周武王有疾 (King Wǔ of Zhōu suffered from illness) in the Qīnghuá Manuscripts

9.30-10.00      Martin Kern (Princeton University): Early Chinese Divination and its Rhetoric

10.00-10.15    Coffee break

10.15-10.45    David Schaberg (UCLA): She ce 射策, dui ce 對策 and Institutions of Speech in the Western Han Court

10.45-11.15    Christoph Harbsmeier (University of Oslo): The Music of Classical Chinese Prose Style

11.15-12.30    Plenary discussion

12.30-14.30    Lunch

14.30-16.45    Session 4 - Chair: Øivind Andersen (University of Oslo)

14.30-15.00    Michael J. Puett (Harvard University): Making Manifest the Hidden Knowledge of the Past: The Rhetorical Strategies of the Huainanzi

15.00-15.30    Lisa Raphals (University of California at Riverside/National University of Singapore): Mantic Rhetoric: Chinese and Greek

15.30-15.45    Coffee break

15.45-16.15    Licia Di Giacinto (Ruhr University Bochum): Religion and Rhetoric under the Han? Some Comments on the Received Taipingjing

16.15-16.45    Zhou Yiqun (Stanford University): Sensuality, Virtue, and Speech: Three Female Persuaders in Liu Xiang’s Biographies of Women

16.45-18.30    Plenary discussion

19.30              Dinner


Friday, September 6th

9.00-11.15      Session 5 - Chair: Martin Kern (Princeton University)

9.00-9.30        Matthias Richter (University of Colorado at Boulder): Handling a Double-edged Sword: Controlling Rhetoric in Early China

9.30-10.00      Oliver Weingarten (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague): Performing Sagehood: Confucius as Teacher, Example, and Source of Knowledge

10.00-10.15    Coffee break

10.15-10.45    Dennis Schilling (Kainan University, Taipei): On Validating Arguments in the Zhuang zi

10.45-11.15    Lukáš Zádrapa (Charles University, Prague): Public Enemy and Battle of Definitions – Legalists and the Art of Rhetoric

11.15-12.30    Plenary discussion